Tanium Use Case: Know When Sensitive Data Appears on a Managed Computer

10.3.2019 | Louise Larsen

In any organization, data is constantly on the move. In the context of data privacy laws and regulations, if you are missing visibility into your data or don’t know where your most sensitive data is, you can’t ensure appropriate controls are in place to protect it—potentially leaving it exposed and your organization challenged to meet compliance standards.

As a platform, Tanium makes it easier for a user to apply features of multiple modules to a workflow. When sensitive data shows up on a computing device that hasn’t had that type of data previously, Tanium Reveal and Connect work together to detect new sensitive data appearing in your environment and alert an analyst to investigate.

In the below video we demonstrate how to author rules in Tanium Reveal to find content patterns associated with sensitive data.. When a match is found, you can quickly take action – such as applying a label – on targeted systems or files containing certain patterns.

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