Long-Term WFH: How to Make it Secure and Sustainable

9.9.2020 | Tanium

“Initially, it was a band-aid over a bullet hole.”

Stephanie Aceves is a Director of Technical Account Management at Tanium, a unified endpoint management and security platform.

Aceves works directly with Tanium’s customers to drive successful deployments. She brings two unique perspectives to the table – a ground-level understanding of what her customers went through in their transition to WFH, and a picture of how their priorities have changed in the last six months.

Here’s what Aceves learned.

Mindset shift: Moving from temporary fixes to long-term solutions

Aceves watched her customers take their long-term digital transformation strategies, and attempt to implement them in days instead of years.

As a whole, they were successful. They leveraged Tanium to establish visibility and control over their new distributed environments.

Yet, some of Aceves’s customers struggled to balance the speed of their transformation against the need for caution. And many believed their new distributed WFH environments would be temporary. They put controls in place to secure what seemed relevant at the time, but which were often only short-term solutions.

Today, most of Aceves’s customers have come to see mass WFH as a viable, long-term solution. And Aceves is working with them to secure their new environments in a sustainable manner.

How to make mass WFH environments sustainable

Aceves recommends her customers return to the fundamentals of IT hygiene to secure their new distributed environments.

For Aceves, security begins with operations: establishing visibility, updating systems, establishing a patch cadence, closing known exploits – and being able to do so in an environment with tens of thousands of remote machines. By doing so, organizations can be more proactive about their defenses, while still maintaining the agility to respond to threats with greater effectiveness.

To dive deeper into Aceves’ story, and to learn more about what happened when the world stayed home, visit world-at-home.tanium.com.

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