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Managing Cyber Risk in an Evolving Federal Environment

While the threat of data breaches and phishing are not new, agencies are facing growing risk as bad actors focus on taking advantage of inconsistent security across the dispersed Federal workforce.

In a recent Cybersecurity Magazine article, I discuss why the approach federal agencies are taking to strengthen security must be restructured and refreshed. Agencies should focus on one question: How is your agency identifying, managing, prioritizing, and mitigating risks?

The problem with traditional security tools

Asking resource-strapped agencies to update their security approach is no easy task. Many agencies are managing competing demands across IT operations and security teams – and have turned to a variety of security tools as a solution. However, most tools need an installed agent to operate, resulting in agent inflation – and while tools may provide useful data, they often cannot communicate with other tools to establish a standardized output, making it hard to confidently assess enterprise risks.

With new risks appearing each day, agencies should focus on security basics, but they need a management system that’s simple to use and improves visibility.

A new approach is needed

Tanium’s unified endpoint management (UEM) and unified endpoint security (UES) solutions simplify the management of large, distributed networks through extensive endpoint visibility and control at scale. Tanium provides its customers with accurate real- time information across their enterprise, the ability to take action on that information, the ability to verify the action was successfully accomplished, and the ability to make sure the action “stays done”. Whether it’s cybersecurity, IT Asset Management, insider threat, patching and compliance, or some other IT discipline, Tanium can help IT and security leaders make better decisions and reliably act on them, in a more cost- effective manner than their existing point solution- based infrastructure.

Unlike legacy tools and narrow point solutions, Tanium provides unparalleled visibility across enterprise endpoints, empowering decision makers with accurate, real- time data and the ability to remediate quickly. Deploying Tanium enables organizations to get accurate real- time information, make informed decisions and act on those decisions quickly thus reducing risk. Using a single platform helps enable customers to break down the data silos and close the gaps created by disconnected point -solutions, reducing risk and improving security. When visibility and control improve, agencies can manage cyber risks and enhance their ability to make more strategic decisions.

Read the full article and contact us to learn more about how Tanium helps provide federal agencies with accurate data across enterprise networks needed to prioritize and mitigate cyber risks in real time.

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