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Tanium Integrates with Microsoft Copilot for Security - Changing the Game for Cybersecurity Teams

Learn how Tanium and Microsoft Copilot for Security joined forces to empower SOC teams with real-time, AI-driven security

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As we routinely cover on this blog, the potential impacts to cybersecurity coming from machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence (including GenAI) are staggering. These applications are being harnessed to improve threat detection by analyzing large amounts of data from various sources to identify anomalies and suspicious activity. We can provide real-time mitigation and alerts, prioritize incident response, and automate responses to security threats.

Properly harnessed, AI can accelerate incident investigation, provide predictive threat prevention by proactively identifying and blocking potential threats, and help determine the root cause of an attack by eliminating human error and false positives.

Yet it often seems as though malicious threat actors remain a step ahead. Cyber threats continue to evolve, putting immense pressure on security operations center (SOC) teams to defend their organizations from relentless attacks. With a global shortage of security professionals, SOC teams, often overwhelmed and understaffed, struggle to keep up with the complexity and scale of their IT environments. Moreover, security tool sprawl adds unneeded complexity, further impeding an effective cyber defense.

In this asymmetric battle, complexity, visibility limitations, talent shortages, and incident response challenges demand innovative solutions and collective efforts to safeguard against evolving cyber threats.

That’s why we are excited to announce Tanium’s integration with Microsoft Copilot for Security, the first security product designed to enable security teams to move at the speed and scale of AI. With this integration, we’re converging Tanium’s real-time endpoint visibility and control with Copilot’s AI-powered security product, offering transformational efficiencies and experiences for security teams responsible for protecting organizations around the world.

See a demo of Tanium’s integration with Microsoft Copilot for Security in our Microsoft Partner Spotlight.

What is Microsoft Copilot for Security?

Microsoft Copilot for Security introduces a generative AI-powered security assistant that helps SOC teams investigate and resolve security incidents faster and with more confidence. Copilot combines a security-specific, large language model (LLM) with Microsoft’s global threat intelligence and security products that process 78 trillion daily signals.

Copilot quickly understands user queries and provides relevant insights and recommendations based on multiple data sources, which, through this integration, includes Tanium. From learning how to proactively improve your security posture by discovering known attack vectors in your environment to generating instant incident summaries and real-time malware analysis, Copilot aims to help simplify the process of finding, protecting against, and resolving cyber threats – without requiring deep security knowledge, making it a smart and reliable partner for defenders.

“With Security Copilot, we are taking the agility advantage back to defenders by combining Microsoft leading security technologies with the latest advancements in AI,” says Vasu Jakkal, CVP for Microsoft Security. “By working with Security Copilot, organizations get access to an unrivaled depth and breadth of security AI capabilities.”

How does Tanium integrate with Copilot?

This integration brings together Tanium XEM’s end-to-end visibility, control, and remediation capabilities with Copilot’s security-specific large language models (LLMs) to empower security teams with precise information and intelligent recommendations to act more confidently and seamlessly.

The result is a force multiplier – an AI-powered security solution that dramatically increases the capabilities and speed of security teams, so they can minimize vulnerabilities and exposures and respond to incidents early.

“When you combine the power of real-time data and the ability to take action through AI, it represents a tremendous opportunity for organizations looking to mitigate risks, manage their environments, and remediate incidents before damage occurs,” said Tanium CTO Matt Quinn. “Today’s announcement represents a new era of generative AI and furthers a commitment to our joint customers in providing the power of certainty.”

By integrating Tanium’s real-time endpoint data and intelligence into Copilot, SOC teams can harness powerful AI and query capabilities to detect security issues and remove blind spots instantly. Organizations using Tanium and Copilot will benefit from the most comprehensive, accurate, real-time endpoint data to help secure their organization and improve their cybersecurity posture.

What are the benefits of Tanium’s integration with Microsoft Copilot for Security?

The Tanium XEM platform provides end-to-end visibility, control, and remediation capabilities. By integrating with Copilot’s security-specific large language models (LLMs), we’re empowering security teams to act more confidently and seamlessly with precise information and intelligent recommendations.

Benefits from the Tanium and Copilot integration include:

  • Reduced vulnerability exposure
  • Faster and broader vulnerability discovery and remediation
  • Enhanced threat hunting and proactive security measures
  • Simplified and streamlined threat investigations
  • Extended human expertise and improved team effectiveness

What are some potential use cases for the integrated solution?

Tanium’s integration with Copilot unlocks a powerful set of use cases. Using a conversational approach, even complex tasks become accessible to every team member. Copilot’s contextual understanding, seamless data retrieval from Tanium, and delivery of actionable intelligence enhance usability and accessibility for all.

Security incident response

Tanium provides Copilot with real-time endpoint data that security teams need to quickly identify at-risk endpoints and take remediation actions. Users gain insight into processes and child processes that may harbor vulnerabilities through their association with a specific user, endpoint, or IP address. Security teams can also drill down into endpoint data to uncover the number of versions of a particular executable that exist across the environment – boosting their ability to respond, recover, and resolve a security incident before it becomes a major breach.

  • Interrogate a single or every endpoint using natural language prompts to scope, investigate, and get remediation guidance
  • Understand attacker movements, activities, and behaviors
  • Assess lateral movement, potential blast radius, and behavioral patterns
  • Get recommended response plans to mitigate the risk, maintain operations, and reinforce endpoints

Vulnerability management

Copilot uses Tanium’s rich, real-time data to quickly identify vulnerabilities – including endpoints that are vulnerable to CVEs – and the patches available to eliminate exposure.

  • Receive suggested remediation plans based on organizational context and risk
  • Apply patches, modify configurations, and reprovision endpoints directly in Tanium to strengthen your security posture
  • Close entry points into the environment faster
  • Understand vulnerability impact and risk-based prioritization for remediation

Compliance reporting

By accessing Tanium’s rich endpoint data, Copilot simplifies compliance reporting by assessing the compliance status of endpoints against relevant standards and regulations. Copilot can generate summaries and reports from natural language prompts, tailoring them to different audiences with the appropriate format and context. Together, Tanium and Copilot save security teams time and resources and enable them to demonstrate compliance with confidence.

Software supply chain exposure

Tanium and Copilot empower SOC teams to identify and respond to at-risk systems and all the exploitable machines in the environment quickly. With instant answers on every system endpoint and their files and processes, SOC teams can quickly identify potential software supply chain vulnerabilities in real time at scale.

  • Visibility into every file on every system to determine whether it is in your software bill of materials
  • Quickly identify all software and machines that could have vulnerabilities in your software supply chain, in real-time, at scale
  • Remediate software vulnerabilities directly in Tanium

A step toward autonomous cybersecurity

This integration with Copilot is just one of the ways that Tanium is leading the way toward an autonomous future for IT, information security, operations, and risk and compliance teams. As we continue to track trends in machine learning, GenAI, and cybersecurity automation, we are developing our product roadmap to take full advantage of these innovative technologies and to give our customers a wide array of exciting new opportunities.

Our goal is to revolutionize Autonomous Endpoint Management (AEM), the most advanced step in the development of our Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform to date. AEM builds on the strengths of the Tanium XEM platform and will leverage our unique real-time endpoint data and Tanium AI to provide customized recommendations and automate actions. Tanium AI will consider various sources such as peer success rates and risk thresholds to help organizations improve and secure their environments in ways that were not feasible with traditional endpoint management, risk and compliance, digital employee experience, and incident response solutions.

We are working hard to integrate AI into our XEM platform to offer AEM capabilities, which will help organizations overcome previously unsolvable problems in managing and securing their large and complex IT estates. Powered by Tanium AI, our platform will handle millions of actions, billions of real-time data points, and a trillion signals across 33+ million endpoints and will learn from the global experiences of the Tanium community to help organizations deal with the growing threat of cybercrime worldwide by continuing to provide The Power of Certainty™.

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