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Microsoft Integrations: Tanium + Microsoft E3/E5 - Tanium Tech Talks #72

Module Deep Dive

For years our customers have asked us, “We’ve got the Microsoft stack, and we’ve got Tanium. Can you all do something together?” We have been working together over the last few years, and we’ve really gotten a lot of traction this last year particularly.

Today we want to explain how Tanium can help you get the most out of your E3 or E5 or similar Microsoft stack.

Did you know Tanium is the winner of the 2023 Microsoft US Partner of the Year Award for Rising Azure Technology? That’s a big clue to how much we are invested in your mutual success with Microsoft and Tanium.

I’ve invited Tanium’s Mike Fiorina to give us the overview of this better-together story. Watch the conversation and demo above.

Ashley McGlone

Technology strategist, joined Tanium in 2017, host of Tanium Tech Talks, enjoys advocating for customers, getting in the weeds of tech, and retro licorice.

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