Meet Tanium at NASCIO: Modernizing IT Operations and Security and Achieving Better Outcomes

10.8.2019 | Tyker Fagg

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) hosts its annual meeting October 13-16 in Nashville, and for the third consecutive year, Tanium will be out in force. We’re honored to have such great partners across NASCIO and U.S. state and local government agencies, committed to improving cyber hygiene, uniting security and IT operations teams around actionable data and achieving real-time visibility and control of endpoints.

This is hugely important. All of NASCIO’s Top 10 priorities for 2019 demand a modern approach to security and IT operations that doesn’t rely on slow, inaccurate, outdated systems. The more I talk to SLED CIOs looking to modernize their infrastructure, the more these ideas keep coming to the fore:

  • You can’t manage what you can’t see. Many agencies still struggle with how to efficiently identify threats, patch systems and take immediate action.
  • You can’t expect to confront today’s mounting cyberthreats, or stay continuously compliant, with legacy tools that don’t move at real-time speed and can’t scale.
  • You can’t expect to optimize your IT investment with a fractured approach that relies on multiple, inefficient products. The #1 priority on NASCIO’s list is security and risk management. Agencies are best positioned when they’re able to perform vulnerability scans, threat hunting, compliance checks, data protection and incident response all from a single platform.

We hope to see you in Nashville. Tanium is sponsoring NASCIO’s member center this year, so definitely come stop in, say hello and take advantage of the laptops, printers and comfortable lounging amenities. And if you’re up for a night out on us—and who isn’t? It’s Nashville!—join Tanium at Robert’s Western World on Monday, October 14, 8:30pm-11:30pm for some honky tonk fun.

Finally, among the team that will be joining us at the conference, I’ll shout out Gary Buonacorsi, who joined Tanium in September as our new Chief IT Architect and CTO, SLED. Gary is no stranger to SLED or NASCIO, and among decades of public sector service, he was previously CIO for the State of Texas, Office of the Attorney General. Having lived through plenty of IT transformation, Gary shares our vision of how to help agencies modernize their security and IT operations, and we’re very excited to welcome him to Tanium!

Want to know more about Tanium and the work we do in SLED? Drop me a line, and let’s find time to talk in Nashville. I also encourage you to read my recent post on our blog, “The Right Support for State and Local Governments to Guard Against Cyberattacks.”

Interested in seeing Tanium in action? Schedule a one-to-one demo or attend our weekly webinar. Talk to our Tanium experts at our upcoming events.