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Modernizing IT Operations: Find & Control Everything on Your Network

If you’ve recently attended an IT conference or tradeshow, you probably were inundated with a number of buzzworthy technologies that left you wondering how they’d all fit in within your IT initiatives. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, hyper-automation are all examples of pivotal and transformative technologies, some already present in today’s tools, soon to be even more entrenched in IT workstreams. Each supports the idea that IT leaders need to “modernize IT” as a means to achieve better efficiency, agility, productivity and security.

But what does it really mean to modernize IT?

We’d argue that it actually means keeping things simple. Here’s why.

It only takes one unpatched machine

The first fundamental to modern endpoint management is to be able to find and control all hardware and software assets in your environment and create a real-time inventory. If I were to ask you how many endpoints you have in your environment, would you be able to give me an accurate answer? Chances are you probably have some sort of ballpark estimate or range in your head. Unfortunately, that’s a troubling answer, because what you can’t see can hurt you. And what if your estimate is off by 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 endpoints? How about 200,000 endpoints? It’s actually not uncommon.

It only takes one unpatched or outdated machine on your network to disrupt your business through either an outage or a security breach. In reality, most IT organizations today rely on a patchwork of costly legacy tools, some of which haven’t evolved in 20 years, to get the job done. Many of these tools were designed for environments that existed years, even decades ago, and subsequently fail to support the modern enterprise, which has to be dynamic, mobile and global.

Modern IT operations are able to obtain real-time information about all endpoints and what’s running on them—completely and confidently, enabling your organization to take immediate action on those endpoints to ensure your business isn’t compromised.

A Guide to Modern IT Operations: Four Keys to Success’ explores the four keys you need to modernize your IT operations and enable transformation in your IT organization. Download the essentials guide here.

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