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The New Model for Cybersecurity: Speed Matters

Orion Hindawi security approaches

“The problem with the attacks we are seeing these days is that they are starting and ending so quickly that knowing what you looked like even an hour ago is not helpful.” — Orion Hindawi

In this interview, Orion Hindawi, Tanium Co-Founder and CTO, discusses where current security approaches are falling short and why anything longer than seconds to collect data is too long in a constantly changing IT environment.

Steven Sinofsky’s take on the Sony breach

In a recent post on his blog, Steven Sinofsky, partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and board member of Tanium, talks about the Sony breach and why it’s a turning point to major changes to enterprise and business computing that will take place as a result. Sinofsky calls upon his past experiences as the former president of the Windows division at Microsoft to help paint the picture of why we are at this defining moment as an industry and why a new approach and architecture is needed to address the changing security landscape.

“We are on the verge of a new generation of computing that was designed from the ground up to be more secure, more robust, more manageable, more usable and simply better.”– Steven Sinofsky

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