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Bringing Tanium to the People: New UX Design Pioneers Ease-of-Use, Customization

At the beginning of the year, Tanium’s CEO, Orion Hindawi, laid down the challenge of creating a cohesive, highly efficient user experience that would propel Tanium to the next level. He said this was our Super Bowl. Challenge accepted. Game on. 

Anticipating just such a moment, the Tanium UX team pulled together a myriad of great designs we’ve had in the works. Dubbing this initiative “Blue Star,” our team improved experiences in three key areas:

  • Insights Where You Need It: More relevant and actionable content on Tanium Home page and the module “Overview” pages (formerly known as module Home pages) 
  • Easier Navigation: An efficient and intuitive navigation system coupled with quick links and new pages for more direct paths to key sections and info
  • Modern Look and Feel: An updated, contemporary visual design that provides an elegant consumer-grade experience

Next, in true Tanium fashion, we collaborated as one team with product management, engineering, documentation, and technical account groups to implement the Blue Star vision. 

It was a Herculean lift by all involved to get here. Achieving these milestones is the next step in Tanium’s mission to give our customers an incredibly powerful platform that is also delightful to use. 

We are thrilled to release this new Tanium experience. You can learn more details about the Blue Star update in our Tanium Community post and walk-thru video.

Tanium’s new era

When it comes to unified endpoint management, security and compliance, the Tanium platform leads the industry with unprecedented capabilities. As a result of our efforts, now nearly half of the Fortune 100 depend on Tanium.

But the Tanium platform is ready to help many more mid-sized and larger organizations around the world. In July we introduced Tanium as a Service (TaaS), the first zero-infrastructure endpoint management and security platform. Tanium as a Service brings cloud-native convenience to our revolutionary platform.

TaaS delivers all of the power of Tanium without the capital costs, software installs or data center infrastructure investments required by on-premises software. It is Tanium on-demand, letting organizations quickly stand-up our platform and put it to work in a matter of hours or days. And you can try Tanium as a Service for free through an evaluation trial.

Our efforts to create a far more intuitive and efficient user experience on our platform is part of this new era for Tanium. In all regards, we are working to make Tanium accessible to many more organizations that need to manage and protect the devices connected to their networks.

Key to this is creating an intuitive and intelligent design that helps users quickly get up to speed on the Tanium platform. 

We focused on accelerating the learning curve for using the Tanium platform and providing the right information close at hand. 

Our new interface looks good, but, more importantly, it works great. As a result, the new Tanium experience helps its users become incredibly effective at managing devices and ensuring they are well protected.

Given our growing variety of users, our UX work also focused on making the Tanium platform easily customizable. Now there are many more options for our customers to craft their own experience with Tanium to better support their specific needs and tasks.

Ultimately, we want people to log in to the Tanium platform not because they have to but because they want to. We hope that is your experience.

To learn more about how the Tanium platform is revolutionizing device management and data security, please contact us today.

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