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New Technology Partnerships Give Power to Integrations

Great minds work together, not just alike — so we’re building a new framework with our technical partners that allows us to solve shared customer challenges

Partner Spotlight

When I joined Tanium seven years ago, we were in startup hyper-growth mode. Few in number, we all wore many hats to deliver what our customers needed. We launched a product with power, flexibility and capabilities unseen in the marketplace. Tanium’s continued growth and success have enabled me to now specialize in an area I deem both exciting and essential — technology partnerships and building an ecosystem that leverages the Tanium platform to provide additional value to our customers.

What challenges are we solving with this new venture, and what opportunities await? Our customers typically use several (or, let’s face it, many) technologies to manage and secure their endpoints. We built Tanium’s architecture to be extensible so that you can integrate it with other applications — to act, make needed changes, or augment workflows by enriching them with Tanium’s real-time data.

As a partner, perhaps you have thought about or created an integration with Tanium that manages or solves a security or IT use case. As a customer, you’ll be happy to discover new ways to solve existing challenges as we begin rolling out integrations that layer onto Tanium. Ultimately, we envision our technology partner program will deliver power to your purpose-built solutions.

Introducing our technology partner program and portal

With Tanium’s first-ever technology partner program and developer portal, we continue to evolve our company by maturing our platform and furthering our commitment to customers. This tiered program provides the step-by-step support and guidance our partners need to successfully build new integrations with Tanium and offers additional benefits from Tanium marketing and access to our customer base to promote your solution.

We created the portal as your one-stop resource that provides API documentation, examples and access to the Tanium software for developing integrations. We also have a Developer Community Forum where you can find help and support from Tanium integration engineers.

Technology program partners will leverage Tanium’s API Gateway, a single and stable API integration point explicitly created for developing partner integrations. This platform enables partners to leverage our flexible agent, scalable architecture and APIs to create powerful integrations.

Our vision in practice

You may be wondering, what types of ideas are worth our mutual investment? To successfully partner on a new integration with Tanium means building something that would be of practical benefit to our customers. Evidence that demonstrates some subset of our customers show a real-world need for a specific integration will help justify and confirm the effort involved. And, if you seek instead to explore the art of the possible, we could meet with mutual customers to discover more about the problem space and validate the need for a hypothesized solution.

Additionally, it’s crucial to understand how the Tanium platform works and the power it provides. If you haven’t already, we ask our technology partners to complete our web-based training, “Getting Started with Tanium.” Next, we recommend setting up a Tanium lab environment. This lab is a must-have resource for getting hands-on experience with Tanium, and it is also the place to build, test and evaluate your Tanium integration.

Each tier of our technology partner program opens new levels of support for your journey. All tiers have access to our support forums on for assistance and guidance. Tanium Set Tier Partners also receive an assigned integration engineer, support for enabling sales, and the opportunity to showcase the integration at Converge, our annual user conference. Tanium Go Tier Partners obtain a strategic partnership with additional market opportunities and an assigned business development representative. Once you complete your integration, you can submit it for review. When we approve it, we’ll verify that you have the appropriate documentation and marketing collateral in place and then announce the solution to the Tanium sales team and our customers.

Let’s power it up!

You can learn more about the program in our technology partner program guide and get started here.

This program is an exciting milestone in Tanium’s story, and I can’t wait to launch this program and welcome our partners. On behalf of myself and Tanium, I am thrilled to say we look forward to bringing your great ideas to life!

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