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How One-Click Screen Sharing Can Dramatically Accelerate Remediation

New Tanium service drives value for IT operations, security and support teams

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Remote and hybrid work have added new challenges for IT support. Technicians can’t just pop over to an employee’s desk to resolve an issue. Instead, when the employee, the IT support agent, or both are working from home, the business needs to have the proper tools implemented to allow technicians to address concerns from afar, yet with fast resolutions, no matter where the employee is located.

Screen sharing should be an essential enabler of internal collaboration and swift resolution of these issues. But for too many organizations, it adds another layer of friction and potential security and compliance risk.

Tanium screen-sharing services is different. Powered by ScreenMeet, the new screen-sharing capabilities are designed to accelerate support and remediation with enhanced security and compliance. That could generate an estimated 500% ROI in year one alone.

Screen sharing roadblocks

Much has changed over the past two years and screen-sharing capabilities have become useful for a broader range of scenarios. Today’s IT environments are complex and distributed, with endpoints as diverse as VMs, containers and remote worker laptops scattered across corporate premises, cloud data centers, and employees’ homes.

Support, IT and security teams are also distributed thanks to a hybrid working model having become the norm. Over half (58%) of US employees now say they can work from home at least some of the time.

But this can create new challenges when problems are inevitably found in those distributed endpoints. C-suite executives, and business and IT managers are increasingly concerned by the amount of time it takes organizations to work through support issues and to remediate IT operations/security problems.

Whatever the issue, the goal is to resolve or remediate it as quickly as possible, and on the first call. But screen sharing roadblocks can make the technology part of the problem rather than the solution. Specific challenges include:

  • A proliferation of point solutions in the enterprise that create disjointed experiences across different platforms and adds to the management burden
  • A lack of role-based access controls which can lead to over-provisioning of administrative privileges
  • A lack of integration with broader IT ops toolsets used by teams
  • An extra burden in deploying and keeping screen-sharing solutions patched
  • Extra user friction in the form of additional prompts and passwords to gain administrative privilege
  • Access controls and data security may not conform to strict regulations (e.g., GDPR)

In short, organizations are looking for a unified solution that supports all platforms, requires zero deployment, provides role-based access control for endpoints, and is seamlessly integrated into broader toolsets.

What Tanium screen-sharing services deliver

Tanium screen-sharing services offer a single, unified platform for support, IT operations and security to use across all endpoint types. It has been designed specifically to accelerate the closing of support cases and bring endpoints back to a healthy and performant state. In doing so, it will ultimately save the organization time and money, and keep its users more productive.

The solution delivers:

Faster remediation and support by enabling support, IT operations, and security teams to remotely gain administrative control of an affected endpoint. This reduces the time it takes to remediate, saves money, and ensures impacted users can get back to their jobs as soon as possible.

Zero deployment and maintenance overheads, because it’s only provisioned and runs on-demand on the endpoint, it is always patched and up to date. This also makes for zero performance impact after the screen-sharing session is complete since no services are installed.

Enhanced security and compliance by ensuring sensitive data, including personally identifiable information (PII), is properly handled and protected. The solution also utilizes secure communication, Single Sign-On (SSO) for authentication and role-based access controls.

An improved user experience thanks to support for the most popular operating systems, including Windows and macOS. It also delivers a streamlined, unified experience across all endpoints.

The results

With Tanium screen-sharing services seamlessly integrating ScreenMeet into the platform, customers can more quickly support and remediate issues getting users and the endpoints they depend on back to a healthy and productive state. And the numbers provided by ScreenMeet speak for themselves:

  • A 35% increase in level one first-call resolutions
  • A 25% decrease in reopen rates
  • A 500% ROI in year one, including breaking even in less than four months

Learn more or try Tanium screen-sharing services today.

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