Our Design Journey

5.4.2016 | Doug Van Der Molen

When I signed on as Chief of Design and User Experience, I was drawn to Tanium’s philosophy of customer-driven innovation, because it holistically aligns with the principles of user-centered design. I love working in industries that are early on the design curve. When I started as a UX Designer at Google Analytics, metrics were for webmasters only. My team aimed to broaden the audience who understood analytics, helping people turn data into actionable insights. When I moved into the big data space, my goal was the same: making big data accessible for non-technical people who could benefit tremendously from its power.

Technology alone will not solve the persistent and sophisticated cybersecurity threats facing today’s companies. Truly protecting our most important assets means strengthening the interface between technology, information and people – and great design can unlock the opportunities at that nexus point. My goal at Tanium is to help IT Security teams more easily and effectively secure their networks, as well as to broaden the user base who can participate in this task. With more than a million cybersecurity jobs unfilled today, it’s more important than ever to create a cybersecurity platform experience that translates deeply technical concepts for wider audiences.

To that end, we released Tanium 7 today in limited availability, the latest chapter in our design journey. Version 7 features an improved intuitive user experience and seamless transitions between Tanium Product Modules, each built to solve a unique cybersecurity challenge. Now security responders can move easily between each phase of the security lifecycle. We created this fluid movement throughout the Platform because speed matters. In 2015, 60% of attackers compromised a network within seconds. Tanium already broke the barriers associated with speed and scale across the world’s largest networks, delivering full visibility and control within 15 seconds. Now the user experience is faster than ever.

The power of Version 7 is how it enables speed when it matters. For example, an incident response team follows many leads concurrently, which can be very time-consuming. Using Tanium Trace, an investigator can take a potential indicator from a forensic investigation and launch an enterprise-wide search in Tanium IOC Detect to find the full extent of the breach – in just a few clicks. From there, they can go right into remediation using Tanium Incident Response and packages. The Tanium Platform turns IT Security teams into hyper-efficient cyberhunters, creating a seamless flow for investigators. Separate tools and disconnected workflows can’t compete on velocity or effectiveness.

Just like all efforts at Tanium, this one is never finished. Tanium 7 is a platform for continued innovation. Tanium has always invested in speed – and design is a key component to speed. If you’re new to Tanium, we invite you to request a demo and see for yourself the power that Tanium provides. We look forward to your feedback.

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