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Measure, Prioritize and Compare Risk with Tanium Benchmark

Calculate, prioritize and remediate risk from a single unified platform

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Cybersecurity concerns may once have been the preserve of the IT function. But in today’s post-pandemic business environment, they have made it to the very top of corporate decision-making. A recent PwC study found that more US execs ranked cyberattacks as a serious risk than any other factor— including talent acquisition, inflation and high production costs.

Yet, appreciating that IT risk is a major concern and having the knowledge and tooling to do something about it are very different things. Organizations spend millions each year on cybersecurity, but serious breaches are still not uncommon.

This is what Tanium Benchmark was built for. It’s designed to help provide organizations with industry benchmarks for key enterprise risk, security, and operations metrics, an actionable plan to improve your risk, and an easy-to-understand dashboard to see progress.

Watch this demo video to learn more about Tanium Benchmark: 

Where risk is

The endpoint is where business happens today. And by the same token, it’s where cyber risk is most acute as threat actors target corporate data for theft and extortion. This attack surface has rapidly expanded over the course of the pandemic thanks to digital investments designed to support hybrid working, streamline business processes and enhance end-user experiences.

Many organizations feel this attack surface is spiraling out of control thanks to an explosion of unmanaged endpoints, and the visibility and control gaps that make patch and configuration management so challenging. The ransomware threat has raised the stakes significantly. Just one compromised endpoint could end up inflicting disastrous financial and reputational damage on an organization.

As data protection regulations tighten around the globe, it’s no wonder that the C-suite wants to get a handle on cyber risk.

Where current tooling fails

Unfortunately, there are few unified tools designed specifically to monitor and manage cyber risk. Organizations have been forced to stitch together siloed point solutions and tactics to make do. And even then, they often lack data that is current, accurate, comprehensive, and contextual. The result is opacity, where organizations desperately need clarity.

In short, organizations lack the ability to:

  • Measure and compare a corporate risk score with industry peers
  • Pivot to action after risk is scored
  • Set goals for vulnerability remediation
  • Prioritize which areas to spend limited security resources on
  • Explain the importance of security and ops investments to leadership
  • Connect capabilities for showing and assessing hygiene with remediation

Tanium Benchmark is different

This is where Tanium Benchmark comes in. It’s built on Tanium’s Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform — a uniquely architected solution that gives organizations the confidence to accurately answer questions such as:

  • How vulnerable are my mission-critical assets?
  • Are we achieving our posture improvement goals?
  • How are we doing against our industry peers?
  • What should we be doing to become more secure?

Tanium Benchmark is the only solution that provides organizations real-time comparisons with industry peers in areas like system vulnerability, outstanding patches and lateral movement risk. Teams can leverage over 20 different metrics to remediate — all while tracking current posture in real time. However, Tanium Benchmark goes further, delivering actionable insight to help leadership dynamically focus on minimizing the attack surface and meeting enterprise risk reduction goals.

Tanium Benchmark delivers across three key pillars: visibility, control and trust:


Identify vulnerability and compliance gaps across all endpoints. Granular detail enables organizations to prioritize the highest risk issues, visualize complex relationships between assets and collect real-time feedback.

Track every asset by collecting comprehensive information on all endpoints in real time. This could include software versions, out-of-date or missing antivirus, disabled firewalls, etc.

Screenshot of Tanium Benchmark showing graphs of IT security metric benchmarks

Tanium Benchmark


Improve cyber hygiene and shrink the attack surface by managing patches, software updates and configurations at scale from a single tool. Use metrics to check progress over time, improve in areas where the organization is underperforming versus peers, and focus remediation where it’s needed most.

Screenshot of Tanium Benchmark showing graphs of high-severity vulnerabilities

Tanium Benchmark


Align teams around a single, accurate and impact-based view of risks. Executive-style reporting and holistic risk scoring will support improved collaboration around security metrics.

Align senior stakeholders to value delivered by IT and security teams by using industry benchmarks to drive budget increases. A simple dashboard view helps explains security metrics and concepts and historical progress to non-IT leaders.

Screenshot of Tanium Benchmark showing graphs of IT security metric benchmarks

Tanium Benchmark

Tanium Benchmark is now available as part of our Risk & Compliance solution. If you are ready to test Benchmark for yourself, schedule a demo with us to identify how Tanium Benchmark can help your organization.

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