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Tanium Listed as Ready on the FedRAMP Marketplace

US government entities can now leverage a cloud-based converged endpoint management platform.

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Announcing Tanium’s FedRAMP Ready Status.

In a continuation of Tanium’s commitment to securing Federal Government endpoints, today marks a major step in providing Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) in the Cloud as Tanium Cloud for US Government (TC-USG) receives Ready status at the Moderate impact level in the FedRAMP Marketplace.

This designation means that United States Government agencies can take advantage of Tanium’s cloud-hosted, FedRAMP Ready version of the Tanium platform – which gives IT and operations teams visibility, control and a single source of truth for converged endpoint management through one pane of glass view.

What is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP, or The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program is a risk management framework that outlines a standardized approach to security authorizations for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). It applies to United States Government entities (meaning Federal, State, Local, Tribal organizations) and authorized industry partners and seeks to improve the security of operations, technology and use of cloud products across the Federal Government.

Why is FedRAMP important?

FedRAMP is important because it introduces a baseline authorization for cloud products and services offered to and used by the Federal Government.

This enables agencies to:

  • Invest in cloud technologies that have been thoroughly assessed and approved for use by the FedRAMP program
  • Implement a standard framework that each CSP must go through to meet the authorization
  • Move to the cloud with confidence in their security practices and level of risk

With one standard framework that all Federal Government agencies must follow, the Federal Government is more equipped to both reduce costs in managing outdated software and hardware and increase security readiness with mandated continuous monitoring.

Government agencies are rapidly moving to the cloud

Since the wide adoption of cloud in the private sector, Federal Government departments often take their time in migrating their on-premises tools to the cloud. With the increase of security threats with unrest around the globe, the great resignation, and regulations like FISMA/FITARA, there has been a shift in the Federal Government, giving more emphasis on retiring outdated hardware and software in an effort to reduce costs and risk.

As many existing on-premises Federal Tanium customers have experienced in the past, the more physical infrastructure the government supports, the more difficult it is to inventory and secure.

That’s partly what fueled the creation of The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), which defines guidelines and security standards to protect government information and operations in order to offload supply chain risk for the Federal Government. With FISMA, Federal agencies and departments are given a score based on how they are reducing their risk. One big component of that score is if they can show how they have reduced infrastructure (reduction in servers, etc.). With Tanium’s new FedRAMP Ready designation, Federal agencies can continue down the path of reducing their overhead and risk due to outdated or on-premises tools, and get a higher FISMA score.

The first step in a new era of endpoint security in the Federal Government

With the offering of Tanium Cloud for U.S. Government, Federal Government organizations can leverage the cutting-edge technology that so many Federal agencies have already utilized, but with the added benefit of not having to manage the solution or the hardware themselves.

“It’s really something we’re excited about and have been planning for quite some time,” says Jeff Kopp, Director of Product Management at Tanium, “Our customers have asked for this, and we’re excited to deliver the only converged endpoint management solution in the FedRAMP Marketplace.”

Tanium’s FedRAMP Ready offering, Tanium Cloud for US Government (TC-USG), comes with the features and functionality of the Tanium Cloud service utilized today by non-Federal organizations – but satisfies requirements set forth by the FedRAMP policy. “In addition to the Tanium Cloud offering that has been operational for years, we have invested in the additional controls and processes required to achieve FedRAMP status so our Federal Government customers can be assured that Tanium satisfies the relevant standards of the FedRAMP program – including continuous monthly monitoring and risk management.” Kopp says.

Not only will TC-USG allow US Federal Government customers to retire hardware and ensure they’re always on the latest version of the software – it will also mean that they can get value from the solution faster than ever – without the need for provisioning servers, and longer implementation timelines for on-premises deployments.

“As Tanium’s government distribution partner, Carahsoft is pleased to see Tanium achieve this FedRAMP authorization status,” said Patrick Gallagher, Vice President who leads the Tanium Team at Carahsoft. “With Tanium Cloud for US Government, Carahsoft and our reseller partners are excited to be a part of the team delivering Tanium’s Converged Endpoint Management in the cloud to Federal customers.” You can find more information about Carahsoft’s partnership with Tanium here.

What’s next?

This is just the first step in the journey. We’re already in conversations with a few existing customers to migrate to the cloud, and it’s something that we know will continue to provide value to the Federal Government for years to come.

The next step along the Agency Authorization route is for Federal agencies to partner with Tanium as a sponsor of TC-USG for FedRAMP Authorization as their converged endpoint management solution.

You can learn more about Tanium Cloud and Tanium for Federal Government on our website. 

Matt Marsden

Matt Marsden is Tanium’s VP of Technical Account Management, Public Sector. A strategic executive leader, CISSP, and ICIT Fellow, he’s led cyber initiatives in the DoD and US Navy.

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