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Transforming Chaos into Cohesion: Key Insights into the Power of Integration Between Two IT Platforms

Decoding the role of visibility in securing federal networks

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There’s a prevalent misconception about the complete visibility of assets, reinforcing the notion that unseen assets cannot be secured. Visibility stands as the fundamental pillar for numerous cybersecurity initiatives like Zero Trust, yet achieving it remains a daunting challenge.

Enhanced data access at both speed and scale empowers leaders to maximize the efficacy of their tools, fostering team alignment around a unified control point for this data. Moreover, through collaboration, technology providers can more effectively address the distinct challenges faced by the federal government.

As federal agencies work tirelessly to shield their systems and data, a central theme emerges: the need for streamlined, effective tools that ensure a robust cybersecurity posture.

I recently had the privilege of moderating an in-depth conversation on this topic with my colleagues Jonathan Alboum, Federal CTO for ServiceNow, and Matt Marsden, Vice President of Technical Account Management at Tanium. Our discussion homed in on shared insights around meeting these needs to achieve mission success as well as how the two platforms can help drive optimal results for federal IT leaders.

Here are a few essential takeaways from our conversation:

  1. Removing the chaos: Both tools aim to remove chaos and enhance IT operations. They help reduce the attack surface and decrease the reliance on single-use tools, promoting a more secure environment.
  2. Interoperability: The integration of Tanium’s real-time endpoint insights and ServiceNow’s AI and machine learning engine helps to address the challenges posed by the sheer volume, veracity, and velocity of data.
  3. Data Management: Tanium and ServiceNow allow data to remain on the endpoint for real-time investigations, only pulling critical information into the CMDB and other tools when needed.
  4. Proactive vs. Reactive Posture: Our conversation emphasized the importance of moving from a naturally reactive posture to a proactive one. By understanding one’s environment and having clear visibility, leaders can prioritize business functions and allocate resources efficiently.
  5. Governance and Compliance: Jonathan and Matt discussed the necessity of governance for managing changes in IT environments. A practical and accessible governance model ensures that IT operations remain secure and sustainable. The right tools and workforce can make this process easier.
  6. End User Experience: The more restrictions and controls that are placed on the endpoint may adversely impact user productivity. If the processes can be automated, working without user intervention, then the end user will certainly have a more fulfilling and productive experience.

In conclusion, the discussion highlights the value of a platform approach to IT operations; Tanium and ServiceNow. They create a comprehensive solution for reducing IT complexity with their out-of-the-box integrations. This approach to IT with sound governance can significantly simplify IT across any environment.

Watch the entire video available below.

Learn more about how to harness real-time visibility and simplify CDM integration with ServiceNow and Tanium-integrated workflows.

Ed Debish

Ed Debish is Director of Customer Success Technical Account Management for Public Sector at Tanium. Debish has over 27 years of cybersecurity and leadership experience in the U.S. Marine Corps.

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