Solving IT Challenges Together: CONVERGE Q&A With Matthew Hastings

10.31.2019 | Louise Larsen

At CONVERGE 2019, Matt Hastings, Security & Risk Portfolio Product Manager at Tanium, will host two breakout sessions, sharing what’s next on Tanium’s Product Roadmap. We met with Matt ahead of CONVERGE for an insightful Q&A.

Describe what you do:

I lead our risk and security product portfolios which means helping product managers and engineers build products our customers are excited to use. I speak with customers all the time to understand their biggest problems that are not currently being solved and their frustrations with existing tools, so that we can develop products to solve the hardest IT challenges.

Without spoiler alerts, what can you share with us today about your upcoming CONVERGE session?

I’m excited to share three themes for the risk and security portfolios at CONVERGE. The first is making everything we do easier to implement and orchestrate, so our customers, who have limited resources and time, can go further with the platform. Second, how we will integrate both data and workflows to build comprehensive use cases across all of our capabilities. Finally, the investments in our existing products and the exciting new features and capabilities coming in the near future.

Why is it important to discuss this at CONVERGE?

A common refrain from customer conversations is they are understaffed, stretched thin and concerned their environments are not adequately secured. They need technology to act as a resource multiplier to fortify endpoints; detect vulnerabilities, risks and incidents; and respond in kind.

What other CONVERGE 2019 Breakout or Technical Lab Session would you attend?

I’m excited about the Capture the Flag competition we’re hosting this year. I think it’s a great way for practitioners to get hands on experience responding and investigating to real world attack and defend scenarios. And our team will be there to share knowledge and support the attendees, helping to maximize the learning experience.

What’s the one thing you hope attendees will walk away with after they’ve attended CONVERGE 2019?

I hope they leave excited, not only about what we have done this past year, but where we are going in the future. At Tanium, we share a common excitement about the Platform and how it can be used to solve the most challenging problems in operations, risk and security. I hope attendees will share in this excitement with us during and after CONVERGE.

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