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Strategies for Optimizing Remote Work in 2021

Strategies for Optimizing Remote Work in 2021


In 2020, the federal sector’s priority was business continuity, when the pandemic forced a new world of remote work. But now that the dust has settled, 2021 presents a crucial opportunity for the government to improve security and modernize architecture in federal networks as the distributed workforce continues.

In a recent MeriTalk article, I explain why the federal sector’s most significant concern in 2020 was, and still is, managing and securing its remote user base. Traditionally, agencies would lock down rights and privileges on the endpoint, creating a strong account and execution privilege posture. But IT teams are not tooled appropriately to provide secure connectivity or remote management and visibility of their users.

Given the uncertainty about the pandemic in 2021, the federal government needs to focus on these fundamentals for a secure, remote workforce. 

In a corresponding MeriTalk article, I detail how in 2021, it will be critical to develop a strong federal cybersecurity strategy. Ransomware is transitioning from primarily targeting small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) to hitting large enterprises. It’s lucrative and, relatively speaking, easy to execute. 

With the growing number of poorly protected endpoints and users existing outside the protective perimeter of the enterprise, it’s a recipe for a perfect attack scenario. If we don’t close the holes around current threats, all the bells and whistles and “next gen” security products in the world aren’t going to matter. 

Ninety percent of malware in the federal sector is successful because IT teams have not dealt with enormous swaths of fundamental security problems. Malware, especially that associated with ransomware and advanced persistent threats (APTs), will continue to increase exponentially over the coming months unless we focus on the foundation of security and IT hygiene.

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