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Take a Deep Dive Into Threat Tech with the New Cybersecurity Podcast “Let’s Converge”

Our new podcast launches today with the first 12 episodes in an ongoing series that explores today’s complex security landscape. Listen in as top business and tech leaders reveal their biggest challenges and the secrets to their success.


Want to boost your cyber IQ in 20 minutes? Tune in to the dynamic new cybersecurity podcast Let’s Converge, and you’ll get actionable expertise from the smartest minds in cyber—the pros tackling the latest trends in cybercrime, IT operations, and business transformation.

This deep-dive series kicks off today, June 16, featuring tech experts and enterprise leaders tackling the latest challenges and (sometimes surprising) solutions related to artificial intelligence, critical infrastructure, ransomware, data privacy, digital trust, and more.

Each episode of Let’s Converge delivers the latest in IT thought leadership from Tanium, a leading IT operations and security management company (and the publishers of Focal Point).

Boost your cyber IQ in just 20 minutes with our new cybersecurity podcast “Let’s Converge.” Click here to subscribe and listen in.

“Digital transformation is changing how businesses run and how people work and live,” says Tanium’s chief marketing officer, Steve Daheb, in the podcast trailer.

Changes in how we communicate and connect, how we operate and deliver value, are contributing to today’s ever-evolving workplace and dominating discussions in boardrooms and beside watercoolers. And yet, he explains, one fundamental question remains: “How do we embrace and pursue these transformational opportunities while protecting our companies, our organizations, and our people?”

The goal of Let’s Converge is to uncover the many ways in which enterprise leaders are answering that question today, offering that information in provocative, bite-size 20-minute episodes, released every three weeks.

What we cover in this new cybersecurity podcast

Hosted by a team of engaging thought leaders from Tanium, Let’s Converge delves into the most pressing IT and cyber issues on the agenda.

If I have a choice…like, I’m gonna lose my small business that I’ve worked on for 18 years or break the law but maybe not get caught, I’m gonna probably lean toward the second one.

Kurtis Minder, ransomware negotiator and CEO, GroupSense

On ransomware, in episode 7: “Some folks in the government believe that if we just make it illegal, people will stop paying ransoms and the bad guys will stop attacking,” says Kurtis Minder, CEO of GroupSense and one of the nation’s leading ransomware negotiators. “If I have a choice, you know, as a small business, like, I’m gonna lose my small business that I’ve worked on for 18 years or break the law but maybe not get caught, I’m gonna probably lean toward the second one.”

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On OpenAI’s notorious chatbot ChatGPT, in episode 10: “We are definitely having this kind of GPT moment right now,” says Krystal Jackson, a junior AI fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology. “I didn’t quite get it at first—why this model this time was getting so much attention. But I really think part of it is that OpenAI kind of cracked the code on the chat part of ChatGPT.”

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On regulations for autonomous vehicles, episode 8: “I don’t think anybody in the industry wants government to dictate how to build their business,” says Jennifer Tisdale, CEO of Grimm Cyber and a top cyber strategy adviser for automakers and organizations in Michigan. “I’m in Detroit, where everybody likes to tinker with their vehicles, soup ’em up, see how they work. So do we let people tinker [with autonomous] cars? You know, this is a question mark. Right now we do, but… that might not be a great idea when it comes to critical safety features of a vehicle that are software-driven.”

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In the halls and Teams meetings here at Focal Point and throughout Tanium, we live, breathe, and debate cybersecurity 24/7. Now we’re letting you in on the conversation.

Joseph V. Amodio

Joseph V. Amodio is a veteran journalist, television writer, and the Editor-in-Chief of Focal Point. His work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Men's Health, Newsday, Los Angeles Times,, and, and has been syndicated in publications around the world. His docudramas have aired on Netflix, Discovery, A&E, and other outlets. He also produces Tanium’s new Let’s Converge podcast—listen here.

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