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Prevent, Respond to and Remediate Threats Faster With Tanium and Microsoft

Tanium joins the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to help customers better defend themselves against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats

Partner Spotlight

Mitigating cyber risks today requires organizations to work continuously on several fronts. They must have visibility and control over their entire endpoint estate. They need to optimize security and compliance while preventing drift. And of course, they also require detection and response capabilities to identify and remediate from breaches.

Thanks to a newly expanded collaboration with Microsoft, our joint customers will now be able to take advantage of our collective features in a more unified and streamlined fashion — enabling security and IT operations to do more and do it faster.

Watch this video interview with Tanium’s SVP of strategy and business development, Rob Jenks, to learn more about the Tanium and Microsoft integration.

Under pressure

CISOs were under pressure even before the pandemic. But the advent of hybrid working and large-scale investments in digital transformation has only served to expand the digital attack surface. At the same time, IT security and operations teams are struggling to manage multiple point solutions, which can lead to security gaps, extra complexity and alert fatigue.

Managing cyber risk in this new landscape first demands a baseline of best practice cyber hygiene, built on comprehensive visibility and control of the endpoint estate. Yet too often, organizations have multiple unmanaged endpoints, which can lead to unpatched and misconfigured assets, and security controls drifting from their desired state. Then, when incidents occur, a lack of real-time, actionable data and forensics can slow response times when speed is essential. Once an attack is successfully stopped, those endpoints need to be remediated and brought back into a compliant state, but few tools are designed to address this part of the lifecycle.

Many IT security and ops teams are forced to manage this entire lifecycle in a manual, disjointed manner, jumping between tools and with limited, inconsistent views and insights into their environment. Tanium estimates that global organizations run an average of 43 separate security and operations tools to manage their IT environments. Ironically, this can open the door to increased risks, compromise, and attacker dwell times, ultimately driving up financial and reputational risk.

Delivering together

Microsoft recently nominated and accepted Tanium into the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) because of Tanium’s integration with Microsoft security. Tanium’s approach to integrating its Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform and Microsoft’s cloud-native SIEM and XDR solutions streamline the experiences for IT operations and security practitioners. It delivers the following benefits to customers:

  • Enhanced endpoint security and compliance: Tanium helps customers find opportunities to improve security and fix compliance issues across their entire estate at speed and scale, including drifting security controls.
  • Improved system health and performance: Tanium will help to make sure all Microsoft security controls and functions are performing as intended.
  • Faster investigations and threat hunting: Tanium’s real-time endpoint data combined with intelligence from Microsoft tooling will enable teams to more accurately and rapidly assess the full depth, breadth and impact of an attack.
  • Automated remediation: Tanium’s real-time data and control plane will empower analysts to remediate endpoints automatically at scale following an incident, bringing them back into a complaint and healthy state.
  • Streamlined security and IT operations: Minimizing the number of point solutions in use will reduce costs and make teams more productive, enabling them to converge around a high-fidelity and real-time single source of truth.

“I believe that Microsoft and Tanium’s partnership is going to transform the future of IT security and operations for my organization,” Mark Wantling, Chief Information Officer (CIO), University of Salford. “By combining Tanium’s real-time visibility and control with Microsoft’s advanced threat intelligence, orchestration, and analytics services, I can quickly and easily identify and address vulnerabilities, remediate threats, and manage my estate across a multitude of platforms and, I don’t need dozens of point solutions to do it.”

The combined power of Tanium and Microsoft goes beyond typical product integration, which typically ends with simplistic information sharing between systems using connectors etc. Microsoft’s open platform creates the opportunity for Tanium to go beyond that.

Tanium can bring its real-time data and control directly into Microsoft user experiences to streamline processes and create opportunities for increased automation. For instance, security professionals working on incident response in Microsoft Sentinel will be able to work directly with Tanium investigation data without leaving the Sentinel console. And the same data can then be used to power Sentinel’s remediation capabilities. IT security and operations teams have been on the back foot for too long. It’s time to change things up.

Find out how to bring Tanium to your Microsoft deployment by scheduling a demo or learning more about the partnership.

Learn more about Tanium expanding its collaboration with Microsoft in this press release.

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