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How Tanium’s Partner Program is Evolving to Help Partners and Customers

How we’re making it easier and more profitable to be a Tanium partner

Partner Spotlight

In just a couple of years, the Tanium ecosystem has matured and expanded tremendously. Across the Americas, Europe and emerging markets, customers are looking at the shortage of IT talent in-house and demanding more from their partners. They don’t just want advice on what to buy, they want trusted advisors with the technical acumen and hands-on experience to deploy and operate the technology on their behalf. And our partners are leaning in and skilling up to deliver for these customers, with a range of high-value services we’ve never seen before.

It’s the start of another exciting chapter in our story. And we’re doing our part to reward these organizations for the great work they’re doing, by making it even easier and more profitable to do business with us.

Watch this video with Todd Palmer, SVP of Partner Sales, as he explains these new changes.

Why Tanium?

Tanium’s Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform solves some of the biggest IT security and operations challenges organizations face today. Getting visibility and control of a customer’s endpoint environment really is the key to managing cyber risk — ranked by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of the top global threats facing us over the next two years.

For partners keen to enhance their own portfolio and add value for customers, Tanium is increasingly a no-brainer as proven by its success within the world’s largest banks, retailers and government entities. It’s also a highly scalable value proposition for partners to build a profitable and predictable business around.

The bottom line is that we have a collection of integrated solutions built on a single unified platform. That means partners not only have an opportunity to make healthy margins on the first module they sell to a customer. But once those organizations see the transformational impact our technology has to find and remediate threats at scale, partners can keep on returning to them when adjacent problems emerge that Tanium can solve. In this way, Tanium creates a margin annuity for their business.

There’s also a huge opportunity around services — whether that’s implementation and migration, consulting and advisory, or operational and managed-based services. Our partner community is doing some really exciting and innovative things with new services that are either powered by Tanium or support the adoption and optimization of Tanium technology.

It’s also worth remembering that, as a company, Tanium has completely changed its go-to-market model. Today 85-90% of our business is sold with and through partners. We’ve made significant investments in partner ecosystem over the past couple of years, expanding field-based resources and investment options to create a compelling value proposition for this growing community. For those with the right level of deep technical expertise — in cybersecurity, IT operations and adjacent areas — there are some tremendous opportunities with us.

Moving forward together

At the same time, we’re keen to keep innovating and improving this proposition to become a vendor of choice for our partners. So, when we realized that customers who employ less than 20,000 endpoints were struggling with the same challenges as our very largest customers, we wanted to support them. That’s why we repriced and repackaged our solutions for this market, making it easier for partner sales teams to understand the value that smaller enterprise customers will get from these packages.

We competitively priced and packaged our solutions so partners can better predict how much margin they can make on their opportunity. And if they’re used to making certain margins on transactions with Tanium, they can expect consistency with these margins moving forward too. It’s about making it easier, more predictable and more profitable to do business with us. The feedback we’ve received from the community so far has been really positive.

Taking the conversation to Converge

The great news is that Tanium Converge is an in-person event again this year, so there’ll be a ton of opportunities for prospective and current partners to network and find out more about working with us. It will all kick off on what we’re calling “Day Zero” with our partner leadership summit, where we’ll have around 100 senior leaders from global partners flying in for an entire day built specifically for them. There’ll be presentations and discussions led by our executives, as well as discussion forums to share and hear from their peers on the exciting work they’re doing.

Rather than an auditorium format, we’re shifting things up with roundtable-style sessions which will foster more debate and networking opportunities. As usual at Converge, there will also be plenty of time for discussions with our product leaders on technical roadmap and future innovations.

It’s really a glowing testament to the value Tanium brings to our partners globally that we’re honored to have as Platinum sponsors — AWS, Microsoft and Salesforce. These globally recognized category leaders are taking an opportunity at Converge to host their own breakout sessions to highlight the successes they have had with their own solutions powered by Tanium.

You can learn more about our Tanium Partner Program here.

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