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Tanium Plays Key Role in Verizon Risk Report

Tanium Plays Key Role in Verizon Risk Report

The Tanium platform will be used as part of a new service offering from Verizon. The Verizon Risk Report will provide clients with crucial data about their internal infrastructure so they can quantify, understand and improve their risk posture.

(Image: Tero Vesalainen / Pixabay)

Today, we are excited to announce Tanium’s role as a technology partner in The Verizon Risk Report (VRR), a new service offering from Verizon which enables organizations to make data-driven security decisions based, in part, on Tanium’s current, accurate endpoint data.

The Tanium platform will be used to provide VRR clients with an “inside out” assessment by leveraging data gathered by the Tanium agent about their endpoints – computing devices including laptops, servers, desktops, virtual machines and servers – to help them better understand and improve their risk posture.

VRR aims to reframe the cybersecurity conversation in quantifiable, risk-based terms to give business executives a holistic view of how their organizations are performing. And, for the cybersecurity and IT practitioners, VRR offers comprehensive, accurate and timely views into their risks so they can make meaningful, measurable improvements.

So how does this work? The Verizon Risk Report is a security assessment framework that gives companies multiple perspectives on their cybersecurity risk. One of these is based on internally measurable data points – the “inside out” view. Tanium will be used to gather accurate and up-to-date hygiene data from endpoints. Verizon combines this data with other information (e.g., external threat data, industry-specific vulnerabilities) to produce a comprehensive security risk posture assessment. Threat and incident trend data from Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) enriches and tailors the assessment. These inputs feed a security rating that quantifies the customer’s current cyber risk exposure.

While the Tanium platform provides paradigm-shifting technical capabilities, our customers often express a desire for assistance in leveraging these capabilities as part of their ongoing efforts to improve business resilience. Services like The Verizon Risk Report reflect Tanium’s approach to building strategic alliances to bring these capabilities to our customers.

The Verizon Risk Report is currently in customer beta trials and will be available globally from mid-April 2018. Tanium is working with Verizon on additional ways to leverage our platform’s capabilities to create value for our mutual customers. Stay tuned for more joint service offerings this year.

To learn more about VRR and other Tanium-related innovations, join us at RSA 2018.

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About the Author: Jim Aldridge is Tanium’s Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances. He focuses on developing alliance relationships that enhance the value customers derive from the Tanium platform, and drive customer acquisition. Jim’s experience spans multiple cybersecurity domains including strategy and operations, assessment and incident response. Prior to joining Tanium, Jim was a director at Mandiant, a FireEye company, where he led incident response and post-breach remediation efforts at global companies. Prior to Mandiant, Jim led consulting teams at PwC focused on vulnerability assessment and security strategy development.

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