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Teaming Up With Accenture, Palo Alto Networks, and Splunk on a New Cyber Defense Platform

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Tanium is teaming up with Accenture, Splunk and Palo Alto Networks to power the Accenture Cyber Defense Platform (ACDP), a new breach protection platform that empowers companies to efficiently command their entire cybersecurity lifecycle with one integrated solution. The platform integrates the capabilities of Splunk, Palo Alto Networks and Tanium to improve security and visibility on every endpoint — no matter the size of the network — giving security teams the ability to identify, prevent, protect, detect and respond to attacks within seconds.

Endpoint and network security are often not in sync and don’t provide end-to-end coverage of an organization’s attack surface, leaving unprotected areas that adversaries can easily exploit. An integrated, automated and orchestrated multi-layer security architecture is key to closing those gaps, being more resilient and reducing the amount of time it takes to identify and respond to intrusions. By combining our strengths we make it easier, more effective and efficient for both IT operations and security teams to secure their entire IT environment at unprecedented speed and scale.

Accenture Cyber Defense Platform

The Accenture Cyber Defense Platform integrates Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls and Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection offering, Tanium’s 15-second endpoint visibility software and control platform, and Splunk® Enterprise Security (ES) with its own operating model and cyber defense architecture. This first-of-its-kind combination helps organizations better defend their networks, protect their endpoints, gain insight into the security behaviors within their enterprise, and effectively automate breach detection, prevention, response and recovery efforts. Whether onsite, in the cloud, or as-a-Service, customers can easily select cyber defense services, partners and support options based on their business requirements.

In an industry where legacy vendors and creative marketers offer hundreds of tools promising much of the same, it’s important to remember: it’s not about the amount of tools, but choosing the ones that matter to your business and empower your teams from end to end. We’re proud to partner with companies that share this ethos.

To learn more about the Accenture Cyber Defense Platform, click here.

About the Author: Curt Aubley has more than 20 years of innovative technology industry leadership, coming to Tanium from Intel Corporation here he was the VP/CTO and GM of the Data Center Group where he led innovation and architecture across cyber security, cloud computing, and end-to-end solutions. Prior to Intel, Curt was the VP/CTO for Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Solutions Business.

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