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The Experts - A Tanium Original Series

Tanium is excited to announce “The Experts,” a Tanium Original Series for IT operations and security leaders.

“The Experts” brings together various industry analysts and thought leaders to provide their unique perspectives on the existing IT gaps around visibility, accountability and resilience through a series of white papers, webinars, virtual panels and more.

Over the next 10 weeks, each expert will provide insights around the IT gaps through the lens of their unique field of expertise: From “The Synergizer” taking a closer look at the impact IT gaps have on the IT infrastructure and collaboration between IT operations and security team, and “The Hacker” discussing ways adversaries can exploit the IT gaps particularly during times of crisis and rapid change, to “The Military Defender” identifying best practices to close the IT gaps to better monitor, secure and manage endpoints to prevent breaches in the first place.

The backstory: What is causing the IT gaps?

Over the past couple of decades, new technology has changed the work of IT operations and security functions. An increasing number of point solutions have come to market which perform highly specialized tasks across the business, leaving teams with a wide variety of point solutions to manage and secure their enterprises or to accomplish individual goals.

This variety, however, has led to a lack of a single source of truth for IT leaders to assess their operational, environmental or cybersecurity data. The multitude of disparate tools often have varying levels of visibility, accuracy and latency with respect to the data they operate on or collect. As a result, both tactical and strategic decisions are made using siloed or patchwork data sources which do not provide a complete, accurate picture.

This gap in visibility is exacerbated by a wide variety of tools used across multiple teams that are working in silos, increasing the likelihood of knowledge gaps driving suboptimal decisions, impacting the ability to automate processes and reducing the time to respond to incidents. This has led to a gap in accountability between the IT operations and security function, when neither team has insights or a thorough understanding of the other’s decisions and actions. This in turn, has led to a gap in business resilience as the relationships and interdependencies of endpoints, processes and teams have become a blur.

How the IT gaps impact businesses during times of crisis

The existence of IT gaps is not news to IT leaders, but the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has put a new spotlight on these gaps. Businesses are struggling to keep organizations operational and secure with the sudden increase in remote employees and the spike in new, unknown endpoints connected to their networks.

The physical distance between employees and IT operations and security teams in particular along with the explosion of bring your own device (BYOD) and remote devices on home networks has widened the gap in visibility. Without a single source of truth to know what is going on across the network and team collaboration becoming more challenging in the unfamiliar and rapidly changing “new normal,” IT gaps are widening, further slowing processes, blurring interdependencies and straining already stressed relationships.

Providing unique perspectives and expertise

The goal of this series is to view the pre-existing IT gaps, the current situation and the future of endpoint management and security through various expert lenses and provide the unique perspectives of industry analysts and thoughts leaders on:

  • The root causes of the visibility, accountability and resilience gaps
  • Why the IT gaps have left businesses ill-prepared to respond to this time of crisis
  • What other gaps and immediate and long-term consequences IT operations and security are facing
  • How organizations can close the IT gaps and prevent them from opening up in the “new normal”

Download the ESG White Paper by Dave Gruber, Senior Analyst with research firm ESG to learn why securing and managing endpoints is a team sport.

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