Unified Endpoint Management Platform Helps Diminish Cyber Risks

4.23.2020 | Colby Proffitt

Nearly every day, a new data breach or cyberattack occurs – and the public sector is a significant target. Although the number of data breaches and cyberattacks are higher now than ever before, this isn’t new – information security has been named a high-risk area by the Government Accountability Office since 1997.

In a recent GCN article, I detail how federal agencies must continually adjust how they identify, manage, prioritize and mitigate risks to protect against breaches or attacks.

An increase in agency risk

The government has grappled with how to secure growing networks while adopting new, modern technology and fulfilling mission requirements. BYOD initiatives and IoT innovations have resulted in rapid endpoint growth and increased agency risk. Employees tasked with securing enterprise environments often cannot guarantee security because they have simply lost visibility into their networks. They are burdened by tools that often fail to integrate and communicate with others, are expensive to maintain, and deliver irregular, unreliable and dated data.

Accurate data holds the key to risk management

To sustain agency missions, it’s critical to stay ahead of cyber adversaries. A single decision made on yesterday’s data could elevate an agency’s security risk. Risk management must be rooted in real-time, accurate data.

Visibility and Control Helps Prioritize, Respond and Remediate

The Tanium unified endpoint management (UEM) platform provides a cohesive view of endpoints across the enterprise, giving federal teams visibility into end user tools, cloud infrastructure and the datacenter. As a result, teams can unify and not just identify risks and vulnerabilities in real time, but also prioritize them across the environment and take action to respond and remediate.

Closing the resilience gap

With the UEM platform, users can maintain quick access to accurate data on enterprise endpoints, reducing prep time for compliance audits. Organizations can remain resilient when faced with cyber threats or outages, and adapt easily to new threats and vulnerabilities with an extensible and flexible platform.

Read the full article and contact us to learn more about how Tanium provides federal agencies with accurate data that’s critical for near real-time risk prioritization and decision making.

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