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Aptiv drives fast remediation and enhanced security with Tanium

“Wow! That was my first impression of Tanium. The amount of things I can see with this tool, the amount of information this tool is giving me, and all the actions I can do to fix stuff.”

Luis Cunha

Director, Security Architecture and Engineering

Tanium enables teamwork at Aptiv

Aptiv, a leading supplier of automotive components, needed all its teams working closely to ensure their systems and data are secure and protected. With Tanium, now they do.

Visibility into 70,000 endpoints

Aptiv uses Tanium for patch management, risk management, vulnerability management, and deployment. It’s a big job: About 70,000 of the company’s endpoints can be managed by Tanium.

Bridging security-operations gap

Tanium helps Aptiv’s security and IT operations teams collaborate. Security uses Tanium to quickly identify vulnerabilities. Then IT operations employs Tanium to rapidly remediate at-risk systems.

Quickly secure WFH devices

During the pandemic, Aptiv had some 30,000 employees working from home. Tanium helped Aptiv implement a speedy new approach, keeping its device secure. Today, Tanium still helps Aptiv protect WFH devices.


Aptiv’s fast-moving industry demanded fast-moving security from Tanium

Aptiv, a maker of automotive ‘brains and nervous systems,’ needed an approach to endpoint security that was flat-out fast. With help from Tanium, Aptiv moved from endpoint vulnerability to remediation with a speed even a Ferrari might envy.