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How Tanium helped AutoNation succeed

“The visibility we gained with Tanium was incredibly impressive. Classifying inventory and discovering IoT devices has been made possible.”

Ken Athanasiou

Former CISO

Creating efficiencies that save tens of thousands of dollars

With over 20,000 endpoints across 300+ locations nationwide, AutoNation struggled to deploy critical patches and remediate incidents in a timely manner. Without needing additional resources, Tanium brought previously unthinkable efficiencies that ultimately saved AutoNation tens of thousands of dollars.

99% patch success rate

Before Tanium, hundreds of thousands of patches had not been correctly applied and 91% of endpoints had an outdated version of Adobe Flash. With Tanium, patches are now deployed at a first pass success rate of over 99%.

Unparalleled deployment speed

Deploying a single patch used to take more than an hour and installing software across the entire network used to take several months. With Tanium, patch deployment is now done within minutes and new AV software was installed across 20,000 machines in only four days.

Real-time visibility into compliance

AutoNation now has near real-time visibility into endpoints needed to determine compliance with auditors' ever-increasing regulatory requirements and can satisfy auditors’ requests in an instance.


AutoNation speedily addresses hygiene and improves endpoint security

AutoNation was struggling to meet the CISO’s patching expectations despite all endpoints being connected to a central IT network. Tanium allowed the team to see how big the problem actually was and track in real time the effectiveness of remediation activities.