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BAE Systems gains visibility into endpoints, reducing risk and defending against threats

“Without the visibility that Tanium supplies, we wouldn’t be able to grapple with the ever-present security threats.”

Tom Barker

Chief Security Officer
BAE Digital Intelligence

Thanks to Tanium, BAE Systems is safer and more efficient

Scanning thousands of devices for potential vulnerabilities

BAE Digital Intelligence, a unit of BAE Systems, needed visibility into its fleet of laptops, virtual machines and other digital endpoints. Its leaders knew that what they couldn’t see, they couldn’t protect.

Greater visibility leads to greater protection

BAE brought in Tanium for its ability to find unmanaged endpoints, scan for vulnerabilities, manage and control compromised devices, and more. BAE also worked closely with Tanium technical account managers, who provided essential support.

More endpoints but less risk

Thanks to Tanium, even though BAE has deployed a growing number of endpoints, its overarching vulnerabilities and risk posture have remained low. BAE has also saved time on reporting, enjoyed a cultural change, and improved efficiencies.


How BAE gained visibility and lowered risk with Tanium

A business unit of military contractor BAE Systems lacked visibility into its digital endpoints. And it knew that what it couldn’t see, it couldn’t protect.