A Platform for the Future: How Barclays Improved IT Ops and Security with the Tanium Communications Architecture

With more than 300,000 endpoints across 40 countries, Barclays was dealing with a plethora of point tools, patch management challenges, and a frustrated incident response team. The Tanium platform allowed the organization to consolidate all those point tools, find an effective way to manage patching, and speed up incident response time to minutes. Here’s how.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, global banks have faced increasing regulatory pressure across all aspects of their business. Barclays, the world’s seventh largest bank with 48 million customers worldwide and more than $2.42 trillion in assets, is no exception. Against the backdrop of CBEST, the Bank of England’s vulnerability test, and other regulatory requirements, Barclays decided to invest in new tools to enhance the speed, agility, and scalability of their security response.

In 2016, they turned to Tanium. Barclays’ IT leaders were impressed by Tanium’s promise to provide clarity and management over their vast network of more than 300,000 endpoints across 40 countries. They also needed a complete solution that could interoperate and drive performance of existing security tools. Since acquiring Tanium in July, they haven’t looked back.

Barclay's Challenges

Barclays, the world’s seventh largest bank with 48 million customers worldwide and more than $2.42 trillion in assets, suffered from a common problem facing large businesses: too many tools performing specialist functions with limited interoperability. Beyond the lack of coordination, these tools often produce data that is hours, days, or even weeks old.

The Tanium Solution

Real-time Visibility and Control Across 300K Endpoints

Thanks to Tanium, Barclays’ Cyber Incident Response Team is able to see and address issues across more than 300,000 endpoints in near real-time, speeding up the remediation process to just minutes and significantly reducing the risk of negative impact to the organization.

Operating on a global scale provides a lot of challenges when it comes to knowing your environment. For the first time, we’ve been able to get a fast and accurate picture of our environment with Tanium.

Troels Oerting, Group Chief Security Officer at Barclays

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