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How Tanium helped Barclays succeed

“Operating on a global scale provides a lot of challenges when it comes to knowing your environment. For the first time, we’ve been able to get a fast and accurate picture of our environment with Tanium.

Troels Oerting

Former Group Chief Security Officer

One platform to unify them all

With more than 300,000 endpoints across 40 countries, Barclays was dealing with a plethora of point tools that created a lack of visibility and drove unnecessary costs. Tanium’s unified platform consolidated those point tools, trimming costs, speeding up incident response and boosting data protection capabilities.

Visibility and rich data

Prior to Tanium, disparate point solutions provided siloed data that was hours, days or even weeks old. With Tanium, Barclays now has a single source of truth that delivers real-time, context-rich data across endpoints in the network.

Real-time incident response

It used to take the security team several hours to gather individual logs before hunting for threats could begin. Thanks to Tanium, Barclays can now access endpoints directly, enabling the team to see and remediate issues in near real time, significantly reducing the risk of disruption.

Instant scalability for the future

Looking toward future growth and needs, Barclays has the agility of Tanium’s simple deployment platform to add new security tools in a matter of clicks, without the costly and expansive engineering and implementation efforts of traditional solutions.


Barclays: A platform for the future

Barclays was dealing with a plethora of point tools, patch management challenges and a frustrated incident response team. The Tanium platform allowed the organization to consolidate point tools, find effective ways for patch management and speed-up incident response time to minutes.