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Dental services provider secures 30,000 endpoints with Tanium

“Tanium Performance is probably the most important tool we have for operations. It gives us clear visibility into what’s happened. When a customer has a problem, we essentially roll back the clock."

Nemi George

Chief Digital Security Officer
Dental Services Organization

Gaining visibility and control

National dental organization provide work-from-home support to thousands of endpoint devices across 800 offices in 24 U.S. states.

Fast, effective tech support for in-network dental offices.

Tanium products help keep customers’ endpoint devices current, safely patched and performing well. The company also relied on Tanium, particularly Discover, to support its digital transformation, which the chief digital security officer describes as “massive.” That includes a recent move to SD-WANs, refreshed servers and all-in-one PCs.

Lower costs for IT security and operations.

Earned by consolidating IT tools and replacing others with Tanium’s low-bandwidth platform. Tanium’s unified platform with its rich portfolio of capabilities empowered the company to eliminate and consolidate tools, lowering license costs and simplifying operations.

Improved endpoint visibility, and patch downloads now 80% faster than before.

Tanium lets the IT staff quickly see which endpoint devices, whether with employees or customers, need either a software upgrade or patch, including those used by work-from-home employees. As long as a device is online, it’s detectable by Tanium.


Dental services provider secures 30,000 endpoints with Tanium

Healthcare organization gains visibility and control of thousands of endpoint devices across 24 U.S. states.