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Multibrand retailer Frasers Group grows securely with Tanium

“Tanium is part of our M&A strategy. We can take a more controlled approach, understand the vulnerabilities and then make the business decision.”

Matthew Wilmot

Group Head of Enterprise IT & Information Security
Frasers Group

Securing a multibrand powerhouse

It’s all about growth

From its start in 1982 as a modest, one-store operation, Frasers Group has grown rapidly through acquisitions. Today it’s a $4.7 billion retailer with over 30 brands including Game, Everlast, Kangol, and Sports Direct. Now whenever Frasers acquires a company, CISO Matthew Wilmot and his team must decide whether to let its IT group follow the acquired company’s cybersecurity practices — or adopt those of the parent company.

A careful start pays off

Fortunately, CISO Wilmot was already familiar with Tanium. Initially, he deployed Tanium at just 10 stores of Fraser’s Game unit, in part because the test was conducted during December, retailing’s busiest season. But the test went so well, Frasers quickly rolled out Tanium to Game’s remaining 200+ stores.

Invaluable insights — now required

Frasers is now so positive about Tanium, it includes the requirement “use Tanium” in a due diligence one-pager recently prepared for officers of newly acquired units. Frasers has also decided to fully implement Tanium at both Studio Retail, its most recent acquisition, and Sports Direct, its largest unit by far, accounting for roughly 70% of total group sales.


Frasers Group secures growth with help from Tanium

The UK-based retailer has become a multi-billion-pound powerhouse through acquisitions. Tanium helps keep things under control.