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Genpact saves 75% of networking and hosting costs with Tanium Cloud

“The beauty of Tanium is that everything flows in real time. We’re not working with stale data anymore. Now everything reflects how our environment actually looks.”

Anil Nomula

Assistant vice president, global enterprise architect

Shifting to Tanium Cloud

Business growth: tough for IT to manage

Professional services firm Genpact has grown from about 19,000 employees in 2005 to more than 100,000 today. During those same years, Genpact’s revenue rose from about $490 million to $4 billion. Today the company runs some 110,000 endpoint devices in 70 locations worldwide. All that growth created a new IT challenge. Genpact’s software-management tool, which had sufficed at a smaller scale, was no longer up to the task.

Tanium can handle it

Genpact asked Tanium for a proof-of-concept demo. The initial test involved fewer than 3,000 endpoints, but was so successful, Genpact quickly raised that number to roughly 10,000. And with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, with all of Genpact’s employees suddenly working from home, Genpact transitioned to Tanium Cloud in less than six weeks.

Big benefits

Genpact’s benefits from using Tanium Cloud have been twofold. The first area is manpower. Now that Genpact is using Tanium Cloud, that work is done for them, dropping Genpact’s labor requirement to essentially zero. Second is eliminating the cost of the server infrastructure and database required to run Tanium on premises.


How Genpact manages business growth and remote work with Tanium Cloud

Swift business growth propelled the professional services firm to greater revenue, but also created challenges for managing its endpoints. Tanium not only brought that under control, but with its cloud-based suite helped Genpact pivot during the pandemic to managing home-based devices.