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Hitachi Astemo trusts Tanium & Microsoft for cybersecurity

“By pulling data from connected endpoints, Tanium allows us to make visible that which is not.”

Sean Henry
IT director, security
Hitachi Astemo

Mega-merger creates new cybersecurity challenges

When five makers of auto components and industrial machines combine to form one, securing their disparate systems is a challenge. Using Tanium, the IT security team has gained a single source of truth. They now know what systems they have, where the endpoints are located, and whether they’re secure.

Take threat-hunting to the next level

Hitachi Astemo uses the popular threat-hunting tool, Deep Instinct, along with Microsoft Defender, then has both tools feed data to Tanium.

Gain a single source of truth

By combining Tanium and Microsoft, Hitachi Astemo further strengthens its overall security posture and actively reduces risk. Tanium pulls telemetry data from multiple endpoints, then presents the information in a user-friendly portal.

Uncover new opportunities

Hitachi Astemo finds new opportunities to integrate Tanium more deeply with Microsoft’s leading products. That may mean using Tanium to implement Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering. Hitachi Astemo currently uses Azure in a hybrid setting, but plans to shift to all-cloud.