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How Honeywell improves patching, consolidates tools with Tanium

“Prior to using Tanium, our patch compliance was low. Now with Tanium, we’ve crossed the 90% patch-compliance mark for three months in a row. That’s significant.”

Manish Chopra

IT Director

Honeywell takes endpoint patching to the max

Low rates of patching compliance posed a serious problem for Honeywell, putting the company at risk for ransomware and other cyberattacks. With Tanium, Honeywell quickly achieved a 90% patch-compliance rate.

Patch compliance

With Tanium, Honeywell has surpassed 90% patch compliance for three months in a row, a service level the company was previously unable to meet.

Tool consolidation

Using Tanium has allowed Honeywell to consolidate and in some cases eliminate other patching tools, saving the company both money and time.

Better reporting

Tanium provides a single pane of glass to report on patch compliance, including executive reporting, as well as detailed results that service-level managers need to improve compliance in the future.


Honeywell boosts security, cuts costs with Tanium

With Tanium, the company not only improved endpoint security, but also consolidated and in some cases eliminated other costly software tools.