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How Mad Mobile grows securely with Tanium

“Tanium shines a light into the darkest recesses of your infrastructure."

Steve Hindle

Mad Mobile

One platform to bring all the teams together

Steven Hindle, CISO at Mad Mobile, a provider of cloud-based POS solutions, had a problem most companies would relish: fast growth. He explains how Tanium helped him identify and secure all his endpoint assets ­­– while also bringing together his IT and operations teams.

Growth is good – but also challenging

Mad Mobile in just one year hired over 500 staff to help serve its more than 25,000 customers. For CISO Steve Hindle, that delivered a two-part challenge: How to keep all employee endpoint devices secure, and how to do so without holding back the business.

Shining a light on IT infrastructure

Hindle discovered Tanium, but worried it would be too costly. However, after meeting with Tanium, he changed his mind. Tanium, he realized, could “shine a light into the darkest recesses,” and even pay for itself.

Blending security and IT operations

Tanium’s XEM approach also makes it easier for Mad Mobile’s IT operations and security teams to collaborate. “We’re now one blended and big family,” says CISO Hindle.


Mad Mobile shines a light on its infrastructure with Tanium

The company, a fast-growing provider of POS solutions, uses Tanium to identify unpatched, unprotected, and at-risk endpoint devices. Tanium then patches and helps manage these endpoints with automation. And as a side benefit, Tanium is also helping the security and IT operations teams work from a single source of truth.