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NHS gains patch visibility — and a whole lot more — with Tanium

“It was incredible how many of our machines had been patched, but not restarted. With Tanium, we can now identify these machines, then get them restarted and provisioned.”

Rob Tinkler

Assistant director of IT
NHS Informatics Merseyside

NHS Informatics Merseyside gained patch visibility and more with Tanium

Third-party applications elude patch visibility

Using third-party applications lets an organization select best-of-breed software, but many of these tools also make the challenging task of patching even more challenging. To ensure all applications have up-to-date patches, organizations need high levels of visibility. Before using Tanium, this organization didn’t have it.

Patching visibility gained via a single pane of glass

With Tanium, the organization now has a single interface providing visibility into its full range of third-party applications. What’s more, the data is up-to-the-minute and live, something the organization’s previous endpoint tool couldn’t offer.

Post-patching notifications, too

Patching, though important, isn’t the whole story. The organization discovered that a surprisingly large number of its patched systems hadn’t been restarted. With Tanium, it can now identify those machines quickly and easily, and then get them restarted and provisioned.


How NHS Informatics Merseyside gained patch visibility and more with Tanium

The digital support organization for local health services relied on third-party applications on nearly 16,000 PCs, but couldn’t tell which versions needed patching.