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Audiovisual media provider gains control of endpoints with Tanium

“We wanted to make sure Tanium was what we needed. In fact, we found that Tanium is even more powerful than we expected.”

Didier Martin

Manager of office automation and IT infrastructure
RTL Belgium

Tanium helps RTL Belgium manage endpoint inventory, vulnerabilities and IT operations

Needed: New security and management tools

RTL Belgium needed new security and management tools. Their patch-management solution couldn’t support PCs upgraded to new builds of Windows 10. Their vulnerability management solution could scan, but not remediate. And their client-management tools were disjointed.

Patching servers in waves, not all at once

One tricky aspect was the requirement to patch the lowest-risk servers first, to ensure there were no disruptions, then move on to midrange and finally high-level risks. Before using Tanium, that had to be done by hand, a painstaking and time-consuming process.

Keeping servers up-to-date, cleaning PC bugs

With Tanium, RTL Belgium can now detect which servers need the latest patches, keeping all its systems protected. And on the client side, Tanium is helping the team detect and fix troublesome bugs. It also alerts them when older PCs are running out of storage.


How RTL Belgium gained endpoint control with Tanium

A European support services provider for TV, radio and digital, RTL Belgium needed to get a handle on its endpoint inventory, vulnerabilities and overall management.