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Sutter Health secures third-party vendors with Tanium & Cylitic

“Attacks are getting more sophisticated by the second. Yet with Tanium and Cylitic, we’ve prevented serious breaches.”

Jacki Monson

Sutter Health

Improving the patient experience

As a security leader in healthcare, Sutter Health’s biggest fear was not having visibility into the thousands of endpoints on their network. Tanium provides that peace of mind by providing security through visibility, manageability and scale, which ultimately saves time for the IT team, doctors and patients.

Savings in time and resources

Prior to Tanium, IT teams had to manually access every endpoint, requiring loaner computers that disrupted workflows. With Tanium, endpoints can be accessed remotely making loaners obsolete and saving time for the IT Desk, users and ultimately, patients.

Increased patch success rate

As a health organization, knowing that patient data is secure is key. Thanks to Tanium, Sutter Health now has the confidence of knowing that patches are truly deployed across endpoints and that vulnerability is minimized.

Faster, more accurate data analysis

With Tanium's ability to craft customized questions specifically for their environment, the team can now accurately answer the questions of cybersecurity analysts and assess risk in real time.