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University of Salford secures remote learning

“If we hadn’t invested in Tanium, we’d lack complete visibility into our assets and still have hundreds of thousands of missing critical patches. It would only be a matter of time before we were targeted by cyber criminals and potentially put in a really difficult position.”

Mark Wantling

University of Salford

British University secures its network and devices against cyberattacks with Tanium

University of Salford updates and protects 5,000 devices while saving tens of thousands of dollars by replacing five endpoint management tools.

Achieved comprehensive visibility

Discovered hundreds of “hidden” endpoints and hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities, establishing real-time visibility into its 5,000 on-premises, remote and cloud-based assets.

Dramatically improved patch management

Identified and fixed 38,000 missing patches and updated software on thousands of endpoints, reducing its patching update window from weeks to under 24 hours.

Eliminated risk from zero-day threats

Remediated multiple zero-day threats in minutes across its network while creating a common system of record for its IT, security, risk and executive teams.


The University of Salford Finds and Closes Hundreds of Thousands of Endpoint Vulnerabilities

University of Salford in England securely shifts to remote learning with Tanium, protecting thousands of endpoints while cutting costs.