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U.S. federal agency improves security posture, saves millions with Tanium

The agency was using a variety of software applications across thousands of systems and didn’t have a way to find and remove all components of the deprecated software across their enterprise.

Real-time visibility with less overhead

A large U.S. federal agency with over 100,000 endpoints uses Tanium to manage software deployments and reduce security risks.

Reduce risk by removing unauthorized software at scale

The organization needed an effective way to find all packages and remnants of recently deprecated software with certainty.

Discover and remove software components with automation

By deploying a custom script, the agency’s IT operations team discovered 24,000 devices with software components requiring removal.

Save $150+ million by removing licensed but unused software

The agency knew it had many instances of software it had licensed but was not using. Using Tanium, it could identify and then remove the software.


A preferred endpoint-management platform for the U.S. government

A U.S. Federal Government agency used Tanium to rapidly eliminate vulnerability gaps from unauthorized software and improve the way it manages proprietary software and endpoints. The agency also used Tanium to automate threat alerts, reducing non-malicious alerts by 40%. In addition, the agency’s SOC and IT operations teams now collaborate closely on shared challenges, using Tanium’s single source of truth to gain visibility across their environment and take action.