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How Tanium helped Whirlpool succeed

“Before Tanium we were always behind the curve with virus definitions. We were always playing catch up. It wasn’t unusual for 5–10% of our devices to be out of compliance with our policy. Once we deployed Tanium, our average went down to less than 1% almost overnight.

Greg Fisbeck

Former Senior Manager of Cyber Security Operations

A single source of truth that aligns teams

Like many multinational businesses, Whirlpool used a variety of different security tools in a lot of different places, creating gaps in visibility, accountability and resilience. The team turned to Tanium to help them find a single source of truth for their environment, uniting teams on a single platform for endpoint management and security.

Aligning teams on a single platform

Prior to Tanium, disparate endpoint security tools could either report on problems or manage problems – but not both. With Tanium, Whirlpool now has a single platform to discover, manage and act on issues across the environment.

Complete visibility and compliance

Thanks to Tanium's real-time visibility across the entire network, Whirlpool discovered a compliance problem the team didn't even know existed and was able to remediate it instantly.

Improved security hygiene

In the days before Tanium, security teams would manually pull a report from their antivirus tools and send out emails asking people to update their systems. Today, scans and remediation responses are automated across the entire network.


Whirlpool Corporation takes Tanium out for a spin

Whirlpool used a variety of different security tools in a lot of different places and was looking for a single source of truth for their environment. Tanium allowed the organization to discover and act while working well on everything from desktops to servers.