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No Industry is Exempt from the Growing Threat of Ransomware

Ransom attacks against critical infrastructure, private companies and municipalities are alarmingly more frequent and pervasive in 2021.
0 How much companies paid to ransomware attackers in 2020 1
0 The average days of downtime caused by a ransomware breach 2
0 The increase of ransomware attacks from 2020 to today 3
0 The projected cost of damages caused by ransomware in 2021 4

Cyber Hygiene: The Only Effective Defense Against Ransomware

There are no silver bullets when it comes to completely eliminating the risk of cyber threats like ransomware – but overall security and IT hygiene practices will protect your organization.

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Know Everything

Confidently know exactly what’s going on in your environment across endpoints at any given time.

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Lock Your Doors and Windows

Keep software, operating systems and applications across your organization up to date with automated patching.

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Respond Faster

Get accurate, real-time security and operational data that lets you see, respond to, and eliminate threats quickly. 

How the Assessment Works

Know more about your IT environment than you ever have in just 30 days at no cost.
Tanium security experts will guide you through every step.

Assess Your Cyber Hygiene
Assess Your Cyber Hygiene

33 native Tanium sensors will highlight the health of your IT estate, including asset discovery and patch management.

Receive Your Risk Scorecard
Receive Your Risk Scorecard

We’ll quantify your security exposure by identifying areas of vulnerability and workstation misconfigurations.

Get Your Executive Report
Get Your Executive Report

We’ll help you communicate areas of strength and opportunity to your leadership with a custom, in-depth evaluation.

Build Your Prevention Plan
Build Your Prevention Plan

Work with experts to improve your cyber hygiene and start your journey to better endpoint management and security.

Request Your Cyber Hygiene Assessment

Reduce complexity, improve efficiency and align teams within your organization.