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99.9% of attacks exploited are from vulnerabilities that had been identified for more than a year, some of them as far back as 1999. Getting security hygiene right is difficult. We see four challenges with current approaches, including:

Out of date inventory management (1)

Out-of-date inventory management.

Asset management is rarely up-to-date with complete system inventory. These are out-dated tools that are extremely slow, often forcing manual process, and provide inaccurate data. Plus, asset management tools don’t scale to millions.

Strict change control to mitigate lack of confidence

Strict change-control to mitigate lack of confidence.

Security configuration management products are slow and incomplete, with configuration results for every endpoint taking weeks to collect. Often, key critical security updates are often completely ignored.

Endpoint security and management tools are often not deployed fully or healthy

Endpoint security and management tools are often not healthy or fully deployed.

The organization uses sampling methods to understand their environment. Sampling is often noisy with many false positives, difficult to prioritize, and disconnected from remediation via patching.

Siloed assessment and change tools don’t provide a holistic view of an organization

Siloed assessment and change tools don’t provide a holistic view.

Organizations often have too long between the assessment and change time periods, which introduces blind spots.

What's the cost of not addressing security hygiene?

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How Tanium Solves Security Hygiene

You need visibility before you can confidently secure your environment. See how Tanium can help you:
Discover unmanaged assets
Identify unauthorized software
Remediate ad-hoc vulnerabilities
Find and fix local admin privileges
Run configuration checks for compliance audit
See security hygiene in action

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