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Button Up Your Approach to Cyber Hygiene

Here are the essentials to maintaining good cyber hygiene.



Maintain high patch compliance and rapidly apply new patches to assets



Keep software and operating systems up to date with the latest versions



Enforce policy, access rights and configuration on assets



Maintain compliance with your regulatory requirements

The Platform to Power Cyber Hygiene

Tanium helps the most complex organizations improve cyber hygiene

The Tanium platform provides rich and accurate data in real time about the state of your assets — their location, software running on them, issues they’re experiencing and more. With Tanium, you can take action on thousands of issues — from patching to killing processes — quickly.

Discover and manage assets

Rapidly identify rogue assets and bring them under management in real time

Gain visibility

Constantly monitor asset health across the variety of devices in your environment

Identify and remediate risk

Continuously scan, identify and remediate risk and misconfigurations at scale, enterprise-wide

Simplify IT

Reduce cost, complexity and operational overhead with Tanium’s simple infrastructure

Cyber Hygiene with Tanium

Tanium can raise your organization’s defenses against ransomware and other modern threats.

Asset Discovery and Inventory

Know what endpoints and applications are in the environment, even as the environment rapidly changes.

Patch Management

Apply large-scale patches and operating system updates to distributed endpoints in minutes or hours.

Software Management

Find and remediate missing installations and out-of-date versions across your environment with minimal network strain.

Vulnerability and Configuration Management

Find open vulnerabilities, breaks in compliance, and policy misconfigurations and remediate issues.

Incident Response

Leverage a comprehensive suite of unified capabilities to rapidly detect, investigate and remediate incidents.


Cyber Hygiene