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Tanium + Accenture

Together we help you act – not react – to take control of and manage remote assets.

Validate your controls are working properly and efficiently investigate all events through automation

As more of the world’s business is conducted in the cloud and relies on a network environment of billions of connected devices, the need for powerful single-solution asset management increases by the hour as more endpoints come online.

The solutions developed in partnership between Accenture and Tanium enable forward-thinking, concerned enterprises to bring remote assets and operational endpoints under control.

Robust asset management reduces costs, improves data security, and enhances visibility throughout the entire operation.

Tanium & Accenture have more than 700,000 endpoints already deployed together.

Delivering powerful asset management solutions

Tanium and Accenture have partnered to enable enterprises to bring remote assets and operational endpoints under control.

Together, we help our clients reduce the complexity of operations, improve efficiency, and close the gaps between operations and security.

Creating more business value together

Accenture and Tanium work together to help you better

  • Manage and Control
  • Save and Simplify
  • Comply and Adapt

Take control

Tap into the power of the Tanium/Accenture partnership. Take control of your entire endpoint environment to secure your valuable operational data and realize significant process improvements, cost savings, and efficiencies.


The total damage from cyberattacks in 2022


Frequency of a cyberattack


Amount of an organization’s device maintenance that should be proactive, not reactive


Accenture + Tanium

Accenture and Tanium focus on people being the first line of defense giving clients the tools they need to reduce the chance of them making dangerous mistakes through visibility into endpoint threats and the ability to respond quickly when threats arrive.

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