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BitekSystem Inc.

Founded in 1988, Weitech System has provided solutions and built systems in various industrial areas, and currently provides high-quality value based on Line-Up, which


BitekSystems aims to build an advanced security response framework by building real-time visibility and immediate response to various intrusion attempts targeting endpoints externally and by increasing the utilization of analytics technologies. BitekSystems has excellent technology personnel based on experience and know-how in building big data and analysis systems in various areas such as general companies and manufacturing, public and finance. As a result of successful R&D and system construction/development projects for many years, BitekSystems is recognized by domestic credit rating agencies based on continuous development and stable profitability. BitekSystems continues to grow in the data sector with businesses such as S/W sales and maintenance, big data solution sales and data-driven technical support, SI project execution, customer system operation and AI search. BitekSystems has abundant industry expertise and service experience by carrying out various integrated system construction projects for various domestic customers and continues to grow together by delivering value to customers.

Services offered

Endpoint Management

IT Asset Visibility / Tracking / Monitoring, Patching & Change Management

Endpoint Security

Incident Response / Threat Hunting, Post Breach Remediation & Root Cause

Risk / Governance / Compliance

Risk & Vulnerability Management

Tanium Professional Services

Tanium Deployment


Support Partner

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Seongnam-si, Republic of Korea

Partner Type

Distributor Partner, Managed Services Partner, Reseller

Solution Area

XEM Core, Risk & Compliance Management