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Capgemini visibility, security and optimisation services

Capgemini partners with Tanium to offer clients a wide range of security capabilities and platform management.

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Capgemini Solutions Powered by Tanium

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services. Together, Capgemini and Tanium enable our customers to realize their business ambitions through an array of security capabilities and platform management.

Coming together is a beginning; working together is success.

Capgemini + Tanium partnership

Through the Capgemini and Tanium partnership, you can deploy a comprehensive suite of interconnected, highly scalable security and optimisation solutions, ensuring your network isn’t something you’re constantly fighting with, but rather a key part of your strategic business decision-making unit.

Capgemini + Tanium value

Leveraging the visibility and flexibility of the Tanium platform, combined with the enormous experience and insight of Capgemini, you can wring every drop of value out of your critical infrastructure.

"As a system integrator we are always looking how to improve cross capability integration in an end-to-end service environment. With Tanium we are able to respond faster, more effective and with unified purpose across teams for the benefit of our client. With support from Tanium we have managed to grow our client portfolio to over one million in annual revenue in just 2 years and continue to grow!"

Sebastian de Vries Cybersecurity Consultant, Central Europe Capgemini

You can’t secure what you can’t see

Modern networks are staggeringly complicated things. Multiple locations, an ever-shifting landscape of devices, apps, tools, systems, the cloud and user devices.

Somehow, you have to maintain visibility of all of this, even as demands constantly shift. But knowing what you have is just the start.

Business objectives vs. data overload

Every connected asset is generating a steady stream of data, most of which is pouring back from multiple sources in multiple formats, creating an overload of information that it’s nearly impossible to do anything with. All of which results in a network that is difficult to manage, which fights against business objectives, and which is almost impossible to secure.

Turning data into actionable insights

We sort out your information gathering processes, ensuring data is provided in a way that you can actually do something with it. Once the fundamentals are in place, we help work out exactly what you want to do with the data, how best to make that happen, and how we can help put your plans into effect, both in advance and as they arise in real time.

Setting goals with confidence

Ultimately, you get a network in which you and your business can have complete confidence, providing both the technology and the information not just to support your goals, but to help define them in the first place.

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