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Chuco lives and breathes Tanium. We’ve executed projects for 100+ companies across multiple industries. Total Tanium service — from “Go Live”


At Chuco, we live and breathe Tanium — and we have a track record that proves it. Our team has executed projects for over 100 companies across a diverse range of industries, including: financial services, insurance, technology, retail, manufacturing and automotive companies. Through years of hands-on experience, we’ve developed a deep understanding of what it takes to make organizations successful with Tanium at scale. In the process, we’ve developed extensive best practices for tackling common enterprise use cases and the skill to handle a variety of cutting-edge and one-off scenarios.

Services offered

Tanium Professional Services

Advanced Content & Sensor Customization, Migration Services, Tanium Deployment, Tanium L1/L2 Support, Tanium Solution Architect

Risk / Governance / Compliance

Compliance and Oversight, Risk & Vulnerability Management, Tanium Risk Assessment

Endpoint Management

IT Asset Visibility / Tracking / Monitoring, Patching & Change Management, Tanium Endpoint Management Operator

Endpoint Security

Incident Response / Threat Hunting, Tanium Endpoint Security Operator

Technology Integration Services

ServiceNow CMDB or Sam Pro


Cloud Deployment Partner
Support Partner

Business designation

Minority Business Enterprise / Women Business Enterprise / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

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Oakland, CA - United States

Partner Type

Consulting/Advisory, Managed Services Partner, Professional Services

Solution Area

Asset Discovery & Inventory, Endpoint Management, Risk & Compliance Management, Investigation & Remediation