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Deep Instinct: Prevention first endpoint security

Deep Instinct integrates with Tanium’s Security and Threat Hunting solutions to provide a multi-layered defense that prevents threats before you are compromised.

Prevent cyberattacks before they start

Deep Instinct and Tanium have partnered to provide an integrated and truly innovative prevention solution to stop ransomware, zero days, known and unknown malware before it executes and infects your environment. With Deep Instinct, Tanium customers gain complete visibility and control over their endpoints, <0.1% false positive alerts, and the ability to prevent >99% of threats and stop attacks before they start.*

With far fewer threat alerts to triage, and only two to three software updates per year, you will spend less time tuning and maintaining, and more time on strategic work, improving ROI.

Prevent up to 99% of Threats in under 20ms*
Prevent up to 99% of Threats in under 20ms*

An endpoint protection solution first and foremost needs to prevent attacks. Deep Instinct’s innovative deep learning approach is not reliant on cloud checks to identify 99% of unknown threats and prevent malware execution in under 20 milliseconds. That’s 750x faster than ransomware can encrypt or malware can execute and infect.

Increase SecOps Efficiency with <0.1% false positives*
Increase SecOps Efficiency with <0.1% false positives*

With false positive rates as low as 0.1%, SecOps teams will spend far less time chasing alerts and more time focused on strategic security issues. Deep Instinct prevents and classifies threats for your SOC to triage with Tanium alerts to stop multi-stage attacks faster.

Optimize Your Security Stack
Optimize Your Security Stack

Enhance your security posture and improve the efficacy of your existing security solutions, like Microsoft Defender, by ensuring the only alerts that are sent to your SIEM or other analytics solutions are high-fidelity.

One Endpoint Source of Truth
One Endpoint Source of Truth

Deep Instinct integrates with Tanium Threat Response, enabling SecOps to see status, prevented events, and alerts in one single source of truth console.

* Product performance benchmarking and statistics provided by Deep Instinct

The strategic alliance between Tanium and Deep Instinct provides a robust, proactive, and prevention-first approach to combating an exponentially increasing threat landscape. This gives IT operations, security, and risk teams the confidence to manage, secure, and protect their endpoints at speed and scale.

Michael Suby

Research VP, Security & Trust, IDC

Prevention First – Because the Odds are Not in Your Favor

Zero-day, ransomware, filed-based, fileless, supply chain and adversarial AI attacks are on the rise as attackers continue to morph their tactics and evade detection.

There are over 350,000 new pieces of malware discovered each day*, and this number is increasing. When the cost of a breach can be devastating, it is imperative that your organization gets in front of the assault.

0 Known, unknown, ransomware and zero-day threats prevented

Deep learning-based solution makes the difference.
0 Every millisecond counts

Prevent threats before they have the chance to execute on the endpoint.

Deep Instinct prevents threats before they have the chance to execute on the endpoint.

0 Reduce False-Positive Alerts

Save SecOps triage time to focus on more strategic endeavors.

Find out how Tanium + Deep Instinct can fortify your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

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