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EY and Tanium help clients realize comprehensive visibility and control

Together we help reduce unnecessary IT costs, drive efficiencies and improve return on existing investments.

Tanium + EY Partnership

Organizations need to be smart about their data, network and endpoint device security while managing the associated risks as access to data becomes more fluid. Where most security breaches once came through networks, now it’s the endpoint devices becoming targets for bad actors.

To overcome such vulnerabilities with the potential to cost companies heavy damages, organizations now need to set up a robust endpoint defense system to better secure the avenues of access in order to monitor and block risks.

The EY-Tanium alliance is such an avenue for accessing a comprehensive endpoint security platform, consulting and implementation support for clients seeking to secure their systems from malicious players.

The alliance brings EY’s expert consulting and Tanium’s powerful platform together to deliver data-driven insights.

Helping prepare for the unexpected

Protecting your company means knowing the entirety of your IT footprint and where your most important assets reside. EY’s trusted advisors rely on Tanium’s Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform to produce endpoint data with accuracy and speed. EY and Tanium provide:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Comprehensive control
  • Rapid customer response
  • Assess organizational cybersecurity risks
  • Drive more informed IT management decisions

Creating more business value together

EY and Tanium are working together to optimize business outcomes, helping clients manage and secure their endpoints – thereby enabling more informed IT management decisions and deeper security remediation.

  • Better experience a full visibility of the IT estate
  • Gain strength by knowing weaknesses
  • Be strategic in your defenses
  • Free up staff to be proactive
  • Proactively identify risk and ensure compliance

Managed service offerings and collaboration with EY and Tanium

In this short video, Tom Schmidt, Partner at EY, talks about their Managed Visibility and Control Service (MVaC) and EY’s partnership with Tanium.

“[With Tanium], it’s possible to gain better visibility of the applications and systems, and of the configuration of those systems. And that information is very crucial nowadays. Where is the asset, how is it configured, what vulnerabilities might be with those assets, and how you can put in and apply the right [risk management] measures.”

Tom Schmidt EMEIA FSO Cybersecurity Competency Leader EY
On-Demand Webinar

Don't Let Your Assets Win At Hide and Seek

Tanium and EY recently co-hosted a virtual executive roundtable to demonstrate how we help our clients find the “edges” of a constantly growing network. Additionally, we offered best practices around ways to take a proactive approach to effectively manage and gain command and control of assets, reduce risk and maximize the value of IT investments for our joint clients.

EY cyber threat resiliency service – powered by Tanium

Prioritize and reduce the most relevant risks in your organization to easily assess and improve cybersecurity operations via real-time visibility at scale across heterogeneous environments.

Securing your company’s IT architecture is critical to value creation and business resiliency. To achieve the data-driven operations and security posture required to stay competitive and compliant, companies must have eyes and hands across the entire network.


of CIOs report that IT’s ability to maximize value for the business is hindered by data silos.


of CIOs say silos make it difficult to identify the severity of an issue and minimize business impact.


of organizations use more than 20 tools across IT Operations and Security.


EY + Tanium

EY builds on Tanium to help you act rapidly to address high priority cybersecurity risks on endpoints, bringing precision and speed to the remediation processes and optimize value from IT systems.

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