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Gennum helps customers to achieve their digital transformation. Expertise in endpoint management, infrastructure hardening, dev, end-user adoption.


Gennum is a French IT company based in the North of France. We help organizations to achieve their digital transformation. Our areas of expertise are endpoint management, collaborative tools, infrastructure hardening, dev, end-user adoption. All projects are managed by using Agile or DevOps lifecycle.
Some examples: audit and remediation for Active Directory / DRP implementation, hardening end user devices, deploying / hardening VDI in the Azure cloud.

Services offered

Tanium Professional Services

Advanced Content & Sensor Customization, Migration Services, Product Training, Tanium Deployment, Tanium L1/L2 Support, Tanium Solution Architect

Technology Integration Services

Azure Sentinel

Risk / Governance / Compliance

Compliance and Oversight, Risk & Vulnerability Management, Tanium Risk Assessment

Endpoint Management

IT Asset Visibility / Tracking / Monitoring, Patching & Change Management, Tanium Endpoint Management Operator

Endpoint Security

Incident Response / Threat Hunting, Tanium Endpoint Security Operator


Cloud Deployment Partner
Support Partner

Loos - France

Partner Type

Consulting/Advisory, Professional Services

Solution Area

XEM Core, Endpoint Management, Risk & Compliance Management