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Tanium & PwC partnership

Manage and protect critical systems. Find threats. Remediate at scale.

PwC services built on the Tanium platform

75% of executives report too much complexity in their organizations, leading to ‘concerning’ cyber and privacy risks.

Enterprise security is often a system of disparate products cobbled together through acquisition and outsourcing. This leads to a fractured experience, with multiple different product solutions used to accomplish a single business goal.

Since 2013, PwC’s deep industry experience and Tanium’s secure technology has empowered clients to accelerate integration and realize value in their security and IT environments.

Benefits include improved time-to-value, reduced time-of-detection and more effective risk management.

Enable strong security hygiene of acquired endpoints from mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Get confident results at scale by efficiently identifying key security gaps left by existing point solutions. View via a metric driven dashboard for actionable visibility.

Analytics and insights to help leaders make better informed decisions

Detect active and historic compromises by collecting and assessing endpoint data. Identify the scope and scale of the compromise down to individual endpoints.

See vulnerabilities coming and efficiently manage your incident response

Leverage signals to get alerts on potential threats and integrate those alerts into your Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution. Finally understand your patching efficacy.

Rationalize the tools you have for OPEX cost reduction

Leverage the Tanium platform as the single source of truth to help your teams evaluate the effectiveness of existing tools.

“"Our client executives need the confidence and fidelity in the business and risk decisions they are making on behalf of their enterprise. Tanium provides the visibility and speed to make these informed decisions regardless of organization size and scale. Whether your challenge is to understand the risks associated with merger and acquisitions, secure subsidiaries and third parties, validate assets, understand patching efficacy, improve IT operations or identify and remove potential threats in the environment - we are uniquely positioned to provide a tailored, concise, Tanium-based strategy for your organization." ”

Tim Stoner Tanium Alliance Leader PwC

Global mergers and acquisitions are up 158%

See exactly what you’re getting into.

With visibility and control over all acquired software and hardware assets, your team can quickly and easily identify vulnerabilities and apply appropriate coverage and policies to new endpoints. Successful integration helps you realize the true potential of your acquisition, especially when it includes a thorough understanding of assets and an inventory of cybersecurity risks.


Lack of confidence in M&A discovery process

Only 36% of IT decision-makers feel that adequate time is given to discover an acquired company’s assets, processes and protocols.


Many still discover unreported devices post-acquisition

53% of IT decision-makers say they find unaccounted-for devices after completing the integration of a new acquisition.


Stay true to your timelines by getting the information you need

49% of companies encountered unknown or undisclosed cybersecurity incidents when integrating the acquired company’s IT, delaying timelines.

Tanium + PwC Partnership

See exactly what you’re getting into and make M&A more cost effective and less stressful. Learn more in a new infographic around our capabilities to help make your M&A IT integration strategy a success.

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